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For more information about a committee contact the staff liaison listed below or call 303-860-1115 or 800-332-6736.


Access to Justice

Chairpersons 2020–2021: Matt Pierce
Staff Liaison: Virginia McClerkin, 303-824-5333

The Denver Access to Justice committee meets the third Wednesday at noon at the Denver Bar offices.  This committee works on monthly pro se clinics on Bankruptcy, Family, Legal nights, Colorado Poverty Law Clinic, monthly lawline 9 program, promoting National Pro Bono celebration, coordinates the Denver Access to Justice Hearing, CLE trainings. This Committee also works closely with Metro Volunteer Lawyers, Colorado Legal Services, Denver Wrap Around Project, Court Mediation Services, Denver Pro Se Center and Specialty Bar Associations. Please contact the Public Legal Education Department if interested in participating in this committee.


Chairperson 2020–2021: Nicoal Sperrazza
Staff Liaison: Heather Folker, 303-824-5360

This is an appointed committee responsible for nominating the winners of the annual Award of Merit; also coordinates other awards given by the association: DBA Volunteer Lawyer of the Year, DBA Young Lawyer of the Year, Judicial Excellence, and Teacher of the Year.

Submissions are accepted from November through January each year.  Click here for a submission form.


Barristers Benefit Ball

Chairpersons 2020–2021: Tyrone Glover
Staff Liaison: Amy Sreenen, 303-824-5371

Plans and organizes this annual association fund-raising dinner/dance. The proceeds go towards the Metro Volunteer Lawyers Program, which provides legal services to indigent clients.

Bench Bar

Co-Chair's: Doug Stevens and Judge Beth Faragher
Staff Liaison: Juliann Tricarico, 303-824-5340


Chairperson 2020–2021: Klaraleee Charlton
Staff Liaison: Dan Sweetser, 303-824-5354

Court Mediation Service

Chairpersons 2020–2021: Liz Walker
Staff Liaison: Amy Sreenen, 303-824-5371


Diversity & Inclusivity

  Chairperson 2020–2021: Patricia Jarzobski

Staff Liaison: Emy Lopez

  Engage under-represented and statewide populations by improving and ensuring their inclusion at all levels of the CBA, by building symbiotic relations with specialty bars, by using technology to better reach members statewide, and by strengthening local bars associations. 





Chair 2020–2021: Julie Stermasi
Editor:Charles McGarvey, 303-824-5366
Advertising:Jessica Espinoza,303-824-5394         

The Docket is the publication for the Denver Bar Association. The Docket presents news of interest to the Association's members calendars of events and CLE classes; restaurant, movie and book reviews; practice tips, gossip and humorous articles of all kinds. The committee members write material and work with the DBA staff to publish The Docket. Written material is solicited from all members of the DBA, not just the committee members.


Joint Management

Chairperson 2020–2021: Justin Cohen
Staff Liaison: Dan Sweetser, 303-824-5354

Legal Fee Arbitration

Chairperson 2020–2021: Glendon L. Laird and David Rolfe
Staff Liaison: Mia Kontnik, 303-824-5347

Legal Fee Arbitration is a joint committee with the Colorado Bar Association and provides for arbitration of fee disputes between lawyers and their clients.

Chairperson 2020–2021: Franz Hardy
Staff Liaison: Jessica Lindzy, 303-824-5343

Presidents' Diversity Council

Chairpersons 2020–2021: N/A
Staff Liaison: Jessica Lindzy, 303-824-5343

Professionalism Coordinating Councils

   Chairperson 2020–2021: Peter Goldstein and Alexis Reller
   Staff Liaison: Katie Null-Roberts303-824-5307




Chairperson 2020–2021: Leonard Plank
Staff Liaisons: Heather Folker, 303-824-5360

This group of attorneys is for those members “65 or better.” The committee has four big events throughout the year. The biggest party of the year is the Senior Spring Banquet, which honors Denver lawyers who have been licensed for 50 years. The committee’s fall event, the “Seniors Roast,” honors an attorney or judge nominated by the most active senior members for his/her outstanding commitment to the legal community. December’s Holiday Party is the most casual of the events and includes connecting with familiar faces, spreading holiday cheer and enjoying tasty fare. July’s golf tournament is always a hit with the senior members and adds a little competition to the event calendar. New members are welcome.