• Denver Bar Association Awards Committee 2021 Awards Nomination Form

    Nominate an Outstanding Lawyer, Judge or Educator
    The DBA Awards Committee needs your nominations for the DBA awards. Nominate an attorney by submitting a statement of why the nominee deserves the honor. The committee will consider the following criteria: involvement with the DBA; involvement with the CBA; community contributions outside the bar associations and legal career/accomplishments. The statement need not be a complete essay; just provide a few salient points and the committee will follow up with the nominator and nominee for complete details.

    For a list of past honorees click here.

    The 2021 award submission is February 15, 2021. 

  • Award of Merit

    Candidate must be a lawyer, judge or law professor who is a regular member of the DBA. Candidate must also be able to demonstrate a career focused on outstanding service, including substantive contributions to the DBA and/or legal community far beyond regular membership and attendance.

  • Judicial Excellence

    Candidate must be a Denver Judge who has illustrated excellence on and off the bench. This candidate must show a dedication to improving the judicial process in Colorado and a commitment to his or her community.

  • Young Lawyer of the Year

    Candidate must be a member of the DBA who is younger than age 37 or has been in practice less than five years. Candidate must also illustrate an outstanding record of service and contribution to the Bar Association and the Denver legal community.

  • Volunteer Lawyer of the Year

    Candidate must be a lawyer and active member of the DBA. Candidate must also have a record of volunteering for various pro bono projects. The service history must show a number of hours spent on multiple separate occasions where the attorney provided useful pro bono services. Organization of pro bono projects, coordination with pro bono organizations and consistent raising of hand to serve the community’s legal needs is highly regarded.

  • Education in the Legal System

    Candidate must be a teacher in a Denver school, a program conducted in a Denver school (whether or not sponsored by the school), and/or a Denver school educating students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The teacher or program must exhibit outstanding dedication to teaching students about civics, the American legal system, and the Rule of Law. The award recipient will receive a monetary gift that will be used for educational purposes in the above described areas.

  • Outstanding Programs/Projects

    The chosen program or project must be affiliated with the DBA and must uphold the highest traditions of the legal profession such as ethics, professionalism, education, access to justice, community service, or promoting charitable causes. The ideal program will show exceptional collaboration between members of the bar.

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The Denver Bar Association advances professionalism with the legal community and promotes justice in the broader community.

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