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July 2012      Vol. 41, No. 7

The Colorado Lawyer, the official publication of the Colorado Bar Association, serves as an informational and educational resource to improve the practice of law.

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In and Around the Bar

Profile of the 2012-13 CBA President
Mark A. Fogg Brings Perspective, Enthusiasm to New Role, p. 5
Sara Crocker

Bar News
News From CBA Sections, Committees, Local and Specialty Bars, and More, p. 11

CBA Communications Department Survey
Executive Summary, p. 23
Heather Clark

CBA Ethics Committee
Formal Opinion No. 96—Ex Parte Communications With Represented Persons During Criminal and Civil Regulatory/Investigations and Proceedings, Revised, p. 25

Formal Opinion No. 124—A Lawyer’s Medical Use of Marijuana, Adopted, p. 28

The SideBar
CBA Salutes HonorLife Members, p. 32


Coordinating Editors for Substantive Law Articles, p. 66

Elder Law
Advance Care Planning: The Attorney’s Role of in Helping Clients Achieve a “Good Death”, p. 67
Kathleen A. Negri

Intellectual Property Law
Mayo v. Prometheus: Patent Eligibility of Claims Covering Natural Laws, p. 77
Angela L. Morrison

Tax Law
Customized Private Placement Life Insurance: An Asset Protection and Investment Tool, p. 85
Alan R. Jahde

Tort and Insurance Law
Horse Law—A Look at the Equine Statute and Liability Law, p. 95
Jordan Lipp

Six of the Greatest

Six of the Greatest: Outstanding Lawyers in Colorado History, p. 34

William P. Cantwell (1921–2003), p. 35
Susan R. Harris, David Thomas, III

Richard Downing (1898–1962), p. 39
Warwick (Wick) Downing

Aurel M. Kelly (1923–2000), p. 43
Diane Vaksdal Smith

Kenneth Norman Kripke (1920–2002), p. 49
William A. Trine

Frank E. (Sam) Maynes (1933–2004), p. 55
Thomas H. Shipps

Leonard von Bibra Sutton (1914–2002), p. 61
John A. (Jack) Kintzele


Coordinating Editors for Department Articles, p. 102

Review of Legal Resources
Children’s Rights Under the Law, p. 103
Kara C. Martin

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, 5th Ed., p. 104
Henry Miniter

Mommy and Daddy are Getting Divorced: Helping Children Cope with Divorce, p. 104
Stephen A. Braunlich

Unmarried Couples—Law and Public Policy, p. 105
Barbara E. Cashman

Read a book. Write a review., p. 106

Whoops—Legal Malpractice Prevention
Whoops—Legal Malpractice Prevention, p. 107
Nancy L. Cohen

From the Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Opinions

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions

Court Business
Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committee: Time Computation Rules—Amendments to Procedural Rules and Corresponding Statutes, Effective July 1, 2012, p. 131
Robert J. (Robin) Whitley

Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board (CJEAB), Advisory Opinion 2012-02, p. 137

Matters Resulting in Diversion
Disciplinary Case Summaries for Matters Resulting in Diversion and Private Admonition, p. 139

Colorado Disciplinary Cases
Disciplinary Case Summaries, p. 143

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit
Summaries of Selected Opinions, p. 145

Notices, Products, and Services

In Memoriam, p. 119

Colorado Supreme Court Pro Bono Legal Services Commitment and Recognition Program, p. 128

Calendar of Events, p. 159

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