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Statutory Revisions Committee

The Statutory Revisions Committee (“SRC”) is the largest standing committee of the Trust & Estate Section of the Colorado Bar Association. It meets from 1:30 to 3:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month, except June and July. As its name suggests, this committee’s principal function is to critically examine and when needed revise existing probate law and consider proposals for new probate law. In order to accomplish that, it forms subcommittees to debate, draft, and promote changes to Colorado’s probate statutes. Their work product is then approved or not at the monthly meeting of the SRC.

Specifically, the SRC reviews Uniform Acts on subject matters related to trusts and estates that are proposed for adoption by the Uniform Law Commission (f/k/a The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws). The SRC also receives and considers input and requests from probate lawyers statewide on issues, concerns, clarifications, and improvements related to existing statutes, and it responds to proposed legislation effecting probate laws introduced by third parties. The SRC’s general approach and philosophy is to build consensus on clarifying, improving and promoting Colorado probate law. 

Finally, the SRC, working through its subcommittees, drafts legislation and provides speakers to present that legislation for approval bythe Colorado Bar Association’s Legislative PolicyCommittee and to testify at legislative hearings and work with its legislative sponsors during the political process of enacting its legislation.

The SRC solicits and encourages open and active participation in its work product by all members of the Trust & Estate Section of the Colorado Bar Association and by third parties interested in the work of the Section.

Meets at 1:30 on Super Thursday (the third Thursday of each month)

2015-2016 ChairClara Brown Shaffer
Co-Chair: Josie Faix

Notice and Minutes 2016

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In connection with the Statutory Revisions Committee of the Colorado Bar Association, John DeBruyn has established a Google group home page specifically for the purpose of discussing the new Uniform Power of Attorney Act and possible changes to that act which may be advisable in Colorado. If you are interested in joining this discussion, please follow the instructions below.

The Google group discussion on the Colorado Uniform Power of Attorney Act with the CLE program faculty and planning committee is open for questions on and discussion of the act via the web address:

The page linked to that web address is the home page for the Google group where you may join to participate in the discussion via email or the web. The page also has links to down load resource materials including the Colorado version of the uniform act that incorporates both the uniform act comments and a draft of the proposed comments on Colorado changes.