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Handouts from CLE Programs, Affidavits, AND Conference Call Instructions

Handouts from previous CBA Government Counsel Section CLE topical luncheons are posted to the Section's web pages and are accessible only to CBA members.  You must be logged on to the CBA website as a member in order to view the handouts.  They are listed by date - most recent at the top - in the Additional Info box to the right.

Here are the instructions for participation in the conference call:

1. If you are calling from WITHIN the Denver metro area, dial 720-496-1667. If you are calling from OUTSIDE the Denver metro area, dial 1-866-200-5786.

2.  Enter in the conference ID:  3038245371 followed by the # sign.  There is no need to enter as the moderator.  As soon as the CBA is online, you will automatically be placed into conference.

3.  To disconnect from the call, simply hang up.

4.  If you need to leave the call and return later, or you are accidentally disconnected, simply repeat the call-in instructions to reconnect to the call.

5.  Press *6 to mute your phone so that you do not transmit background noise.  Paper shuffling, copiers operating in the background, eating, etc., disrupts the other participants’ ability to hear the speaker(s).  Press *6 to unmute your line and participate in the discussion.