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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My attorney won't return my phone calls-what can I do about it?

Answer: You can call the Office of Attorney Regulation at (303) 893-8121. They will help you work out a solution with your lawyer. Or visit them their website at


Question: How do I file a complaint against my lawyer?

Answer: Again, the Attorney Regulation Counsel will be able to help you. Their phone number is (303) 893-8121. Or visit them their website at


Question: Help, I need a lawyer! Whom do you recommend?

Answer: The CBA is not in the position to make individual attorney referrals. You may want to use one the following methods to find an attorney in Colorado:



Martindale-Hubbell Law Directories: You can find these directories at your library or search online at This directory lists Colorado attorneys, their addresses and phone numbers, and their specialties.

Yellow Pages: Look under "attorneys" and their specialization.

The Legal & Financial Directory: Lists Colorado attorneys, addresses and telephone numbers, and their fields of practice.


Question: How do I find out if a particular attorney is licensed to practice law in Colorado?

Answer: Colorado Attorney Registration should have that information for you. Call them at
303-928-7800. Or visit them their website at


Question: Where can I find an attorney who is licensed to practice in Colorado and in another jurisdiction?

Answer: You can call the bar association of the other jurisdiction or you can find that information in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directories. You can find these directories at your library or search online at


Question: Where can I get free/inexpensive legal advice?

Answer: If you are looking for an answer to a simple legal question and just want a quick answer, try Law Line 9. The Denver Bar Association runs this program in conjunction with Channel 9. Attorneys are available to answer your questions on Wednesday nights-call (303) 698-0999.

If you are under the required income level then the Legal Aid Society may be able to help you. Call them at (303) 837-1313. They will try to get you involved in one of the free or low cost programs in town.


Question: Can non-attorneys join the CBA?

Answer: Yes, as Associate members or Patrons of the Bar. An Associate member is one who, under the supervision of a practicing attorney, is directly involved in assisting that attorney and/or other attorneys on a day-to-day basis with the delivery of legal services. Paralegals, legal assistants, law office administrators, legal secretaries, and court personnel are all eligible for Associate membership. All Associate members are required to have one of their supervising attorneys, who must also be a current CBA member, sponsor their annual renewal. Associate members have the right to belong to sections, committees, or forum committees, but may not vote or hold office. Dues are fixed by the CBA Board of Governors, and are currently set at $100.00.

A Patron of the Bar is defined as a non-lawyer who, or an organization that, provides ancillary goods or services to attorneys or the legal profession. Patrons include but are not limited to Mediators, Certified Public Accountants, Private Investigators, Court Reporters, Educators, Consultants, Vendors, Companies, and Corporate Associations. While the dues are set by the CBA Membership Services Committee, Patron status is not a membership category, and Patrons may not refer to themselves as "members" of the CBA. The appropriate designation is "Patron of the Bar." Current dues are $250.00.


Question: How many attorneys are licensed to practice in Colorado?

Answer: The Colorado Bar Association has about 18,000 members but that does not represent all of the licensed attorneys in Colorado. For those figures, call Attorney Registration at (303) 866-6554.