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Appendix C - Standing Committees



Amicus Briefs Committee.  This Committee, with not more than five members, shall review applications for the CBA to participate as amicus in matters pending before federal and state courts in Colorado.   The Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Council if CBA participation is appropriate and then review and suggest modification to proposed briefs, if necessary.

Awards Committee.  This Committee shall determine the recipient of the CBA Award of Merit and the inductees into the Colorado Bar Association Hall of Fame.  The Award of Merit shall be awarded annually to a member of the association for outstanding service to the association, outstanding service or contribution to the legal profession, outstanding contribution to the administration of justice, or outstanding service or contribution to the community.  The inductees into the Colorado Bar Association Hall of Fame shall be members of the CBA who have been deceased for 7 or more years and who are selected on the same criteria as the Award of Merit.  Inductees shall not exceed six each year, and their profiles shall be featured in the CBA's principal publication.  The Awards Committee may make such additional awards as may be designated by the Board of Governors.

Budget and Planning Committee.  This Committee shall study the CBA's financial condition and submit to the Board of Governors a proposed budget for each fiscal year.  As part of the annual budgeting process, this Committee shall develop a strategic planning process, review and update the long range plan, and evaluate the progress of the association in meeting the goals set forth in the plan.  This Committee shall be composed of the Treasurer, who shall serve as the chair; the President?elect; one representative from the CBA Young Lawyers Division, who shall serve for one year; two Governors and two Executive Council members, who shall be appointed by the President and serve for one year; and
three at?large members, who shall be appointed by the President and who shall serve staggered two?year terms as determined by the Board of Governors.

Cannabis Law Committee. The changing legal status of cannabis creates a broad spectrum of challenges to Colorado lawyers.  This committee seeks to help lawyers give their clients better advice through sharing educational resources, and otherwise helping Colorado set the highest possible legal and business standards for legalized hemp and marijuana.

Civil Rights Committee.  The Civil Rights Committee shall promote the civil rights of individuals and groups through legislative analysis and recommendations, educational activities, and community outreach.

COBALT Committee.  This committee strives to facilitate and strengthen the leadership qualities of, and opportunities for, CBA members to enhance, promote and inspire leadership within the legal profession. This is accomplished through an interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal community. The program teaches leadership skills, but also focuses upon challenges faced by leaders in the legal community and the general community, and inspires and energizes program participants through a group learning experience.

The Colorado Lawyer Board.   This Board oversees, advises on, and sets the editorial policies for the CBA=s monthly journal.  The Board shall comprise thirteen members, including the Executive Director or his or her proxy.  Each Board member (other than the Executive Director) shall be appointed by the President (in consultation with the Board chair and the managing editor) for a term of three years.  At the expiration of the first term, a member may request appointment to a second three-year term. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.  Interim vacancies on the Board, should they occur, shall be filled by appointment by the President for the unexpired terms.  In making appointments to the Board, the President shall use reasonable efforts to choose members from among the state’s twenty-two judicial districts, and the President shall consider and be sensitive to the diverse composition of the CBA membership so that all members may recognize that their interests and aspirations are being given attention. The Board shall appoint a chair and a vice?chair from among its members, both of whom shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board may be asked to evaluate the journal’s business and objectives and annually shall be asked to review the editorial department’s proposed budget.  The Board does not participate in the editorial or production operations of the publication or in the selection of material that is published each month, but may be asked by the editorial staff to evaluate changes to content or to review manuscripts for suitability.  The Board shall meet twice per calendar year or more often as deemed necessary. The managing editor, with the chair and vice-chair, shall determine the Agenda for each meeting of the Board. 

Committee on Animal Law.  This committee is a resource for Colorado Bar Association members and the public regarding the intersection of animals, people and the law.  Specifically, the Committee will:  serve as a forum for members of the legal profession to share information, resources and experiences related to the practice of animal law; monitor and provide comments on relevant legislation and rulemaking pursuant to the Colorado Bar Association’s policies and practices; offer continuing legal education programs on animal law; and promote open dialogue among groups and individuals and serve as an informational resource on animal law.

Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee.  This Joint Committee of the CBA and the Denver Bar Association shall identify, isolate, recommend, promote, and implement actions to remedy problems preventing the goal of full diversity in the legal profession.

Environmental Sustainability Program Committee. In an effort to create more sustainable law practices, the Colorado Bar Association created an Environmental Sustainability Program. This program challenges CBA members to commit to environmental excellence by taking steps to reduce energy use and resource waste, and to otherwise strive for sustainability, at their firm or place of business. This committee helped to develop the program and continues to work on marketing and administering it.

Ethics Committee.  This Committee shall give its opinion on questions of legal ethics presented to it by CBA members, and shall, from time to time, compile and publish such of its opinions as may be of general interest to the profession.

Interprofessional Committee.  This Joint Committee of the CBA and Denver Bar Association shall be responsible for promoting better understanding among the professions and shall, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors, prepare any statements of principles governing interprofessional relations and recommend necessary corrective Colorado legislation governing professional groups.

Joint Management Committee.  This Committee shall select the Executive Director pursuant to Section 7.2(b) of the Bylaws.  The Committee shall make studies and recommendations on all problems involving the joint operation of offices of the CBA and the Denver Bar Association, including staff salaries and fringe benefits, division of costs, office policies and procedures, and related matters, as well as any special problems referred to it by the President, governing board, or executive council or executive committee of either association.  The Committee shall consist of thirteen members:  the Presidents, Presidents?elect, Immediate Past Presidents and Treasurers of the respective associations, the Denver Bar Association's First Vice President, two members at large from the CBA and one member at large from the Denver Bar appointed by the respective presidents, and the chair, who shall be selected by the President of the CBA in odd numbered years and by the President of the Denver Bar Association in even numbered years.

Lawyers Professional Liability Committee.  This Committee shall examine the extent of professional liability insurance coverage available to lawyers in Colorado; undertake periodic surveys of the legal malpractice insurance market to determine the number of carriers; and shall do periodic review of whether a "captive" insurance company would be appropriate for Colorado practitioners.

Legal Fee Arbitration Committee.  This Joint Committee of the CBA and Denver Bar Association shall arbitrate disputes between attorneys and clients concerning legal fees and costs.  Subject to the approval of the CBA Board of Governors and DBA Board of Trustees, the Committee shall prescribe rules and procedures for submission of complaints concerning fee disputes for arbitration by the Committee.

Legislative Policy Committee.  This Committee shall consist of thirteen members: the President; the President-elect; the Immediate Past President; and ten CBA members appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Council, three of whom shall have been proposed by the caucus of Section representatives.  The Committee shall work with the CBA Director of Legislative Relations to advance the CBA’s legislative aims as determined by the Executive Council and Board of Governors.  The Committee shall follow the policies and procedures established by the CBA in furthering the association’s legislative program.

Mock Trial Committee.  This Committee shall coordinate all aspects of the Colorado Mock Trial Program including preparing the annual case problem, conducting trainings for all participants, assisting with preparation of the regional tournaments, and coordinating the state competition.  The Committee also assists the state championship team with preparation for the national competition.  The Committee works to further promote and improve the mock trial program throughout the state.

Paralegal Committee.  This Committee shall inform and educate paralegals and attorneys as to the role and utilization of paralegals in providing quality legal services.

Professionalism Coordinating Council. This Council coordinates the Association’s efforts to improve professional conduct on the part of lawyers and judges in light of the Lawyers’ Oath of Admission to practice law in Colorado and the reasonable expectations of the bench, bar, and the public.

Public Legal Education Committee.  The Committee strives to facilitate education of the public about the legal system and works with other institutions in the community in an effort to develop and provide law-related education as an appropriate part of general education at all levels in the state.  This is accomplished through ongoing programs such as public speaking on legal topics, developing model legal information clinics for pro se litigants (for use by local bar associations) and publishing legal resource materials for the public.