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The Colorado Lawyer

The official publication of the Colorado Bar Association is published monthly and provided as a membership benefit to members of the association. Non-lawyer individuals, out-of-state residents who are not registered as active attorneys in Colorado, non-law-firm companies and libraries may subscribe.
Feature Columns

The editor, Arlene Abady, coordinates the publication of general articles and features that are written by members of the Section. Proposals for new articles are always welcome. Contact the section's Column Editors, Melissa Sugar, or David Kirch, for further information.

Estate & Trusts Forum

The assistant editor, Darlene Emery, manages all the specialty law columns in The Colorado Lawyer. The Section's column is published monthly except for two months each year. Authors willing to write short articles of current interest are always needed.

Contact the Column Editors: Melissa Sugar (303-873-7579)or Michelle Lawonn (303-751-7012)(for Elder Law articles) and David Kirch (303-671-7726) (for trust and estate articles)

Council Notes (The Section's Newsletter)

Published quarterly, this newsletter is concerned primarily with current items and issues of general interest. Each member of the Section receives one free copy of each issue of Council Notes. Generally the content covers the following:

  • Legal Articles: Articles on substantive legal topics of broad interest. Sometimes, these articles deal with specific areas of law which are worthy of special treatment or not generally well covered elsewhere.
  • Feature Articles: Feature articles cover a variety of topics not on substantive law. Section programs and projects, as well as legal service available to Section members are often highlighted in these columns.
  • Specialty Columns: These columns are generally more technical and detailed, and the focus is usually on informing the reader of problems and solutions, new laws or new problems with the existing laws.
  • Miscellaneous: Other material appearing in Council Notes include short notices and announcements.

Editors: Merry Balson (303-825-0800) and Julia McVey (303-238-1707), and Richard Vincent (303-770-0673) (for Elder Law inserts)

CLECI Trust and Estate Publications

  • Colorado Estate Planning Forms (The Orange Book Forms)(1996)
A collection of forms for wills, trusts, powers of attorney and related documents
  • Colorado Estate Planning Handbook (Orange Book Text)(1995, updated 1998)
Articles on various topics related to estate planning
  • Colorado Probate System (1994)
Jim Wade's forms, checklists, sample letters, etc. for probate procedure
  • Wade/Parks' Colorado Law of Wills, Trusts & Fiduciary Administration (1996) (updated 1998)
Treatise on probate procedure and trust administration in Colorado
  • The Green Book (2001) (Millenium Edition)
Editor - David K. Johns (303-321-1600)

Collection of Colorado statutes, rules, forms, title standards, related to estates and trusts

  • 1998 Survey of Colorado Probate, Guardianship and Conservatorship Practices
Prepared by Judicial Liaison Committee; compiles results of survey of Colorado probate clerks on procedures