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Unless otherwise indicated, each of the committees meets on the third Thursday of each month - Super Thursday - at the offices of the CBA.


Orange Book Forms Committee

  • Current projects - joint trust, trust funding forms, IRA beneficiary designations forms, termination and disengagement letters, and review of existing documents for revisions.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the Orange Book forms.
  • Meets each month on Super Thursday from 12:15 to 1:30.
  • Co Chair - Dan Rich & Lisa Travis Fischer (e-mail to Dan

Estate Planning Handbook Revisions (Orange Book Handbook)

  • Responsible for updating the Estate Planning Orange Book Handbook as needed.
  • Chairs: David K. Johns, Wood (303-329-9343)/Julie McVey (303-238-1707)

Community & Civic Affairs

  • Sponsoring Senior Law Day for seniors each spring at D.U.
  • Responsible for education of the public
  • Creates and revises pamphlets on various topics such as So Now You Are a Personal Representative/Trustee/Conservator/Guardian
  • Creates and revises the Senior Law Handbook
  • Meets at 11:00 on Super Thursday
  • Chair: Carl Glatstein (303) 757-4342

Rules and Forms

  • Current projects - Review the forms provided by the Task Force.  Committee reviews a large number of forms for insight from Practitioners, Registrars and other parties.
  • Reviews and edits the Colorado Probate Code forms and the Rules of Probate Procedure for submission to the Supreme Court for approval.
  • Meets at 11:00 on Super Thursday in the CBA Executive conference room.
  • CBA Conference call instructions for Rules & Forms Committee are: (866) 200-5786, Enter Conference ID: 3038245621#
  • Rules and Forms Chair - Kerri Klein, (303) 832-1600

Statutory Revisions

  • Reviews uniform acts on topics related to estates and trusts (current projects - Uniform Trust Code, Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interest Act, Uniform Estate Tax Apportionment Act, Amendments to Uniform Principal and Income Act, Revised Uniform Power of Attorney Act)
  • Drafts legislation to clarify existing statutes or solve problems noted by members, legislators or others (current projects - Amendment/Repeal of Rule against Perpetuities, Amendment to Claims Statutes, Amendment to Income Taxation of Trusts)
  • Follows progress of legislation of interest during the Colorado legislative session
  • Makes recommendations about adoption, revision or repeal of statutes
  • Meets at 1:30 on Super Thursday
  • Chair: Greg Densen (303.299.8314) / Marc Darling (303- 322-8943)

Probate Trial and Procedure Subcommittee (litigation)

  • The Probate Trial and Procedure Subcommittee is a joint venture between the Trust & Estate and Elder Law Sections of the CBA.  It held its first meeting in January 2013.  The Subcommittee's initial goal is to bring together practitioners who reguarly litigate probate issues (i.e. any issue raised under Title 15) to discuss concerns unique to this area of practice.  Click here for a link to the original proposal for the creation of this Subcommittee.
  • The membership of this Subcommittee is managed by the CBA. If you wish to join or be on the email list for this Subcommittee, please contact the CBA's Membership Department. This is done by sending an email to You must be a member of the Elder Law or Trust & Estate Sections to be a member of this Subcommittee. Other questions can be directed to either of the Liaisons listed below or the Chair.
  • The Subcommittee meets on Super Thursday at 10am in the Terrace Conference Room.
  • Chair - Kelly Cooper,
  • Elder Law Section Liaison - Tom Rodriguez,
  • Trust & Estate Section Liaison - Kelly Cooper,


  • Reviews software and hardware relevant to estate and trust practitioners.
  • More Members are needed to revise Internet links list
  • Tests developed products
  • Chair: Gene Zuspann (303-759-4871)


  • Oversees all of the section activities and committees. Council meetings are open to all section members
  • Meets at 3:30 on Super Thursday
  • Section Chair: Jennifer M. Spitz (303-776-5380)


Other Council Positions

  • Colorado Lawyer Section Editor - David Kirch (303-671-7726) Smith
  • Council Notes Editor - Merry Balson, (303.825.0800), and Julie McVey, (303.238.1707),
  • Publications - Dave Johns (303-321-1600)
  • Legislative Liaison - Stephen M. Brainerd (303-892-9400) /Bob Steenrod (303-534-5100) (Past Statutory Revisions Chair; reports on pending legislation)
  • Board of Governors - Bob Steenrod (303-534-5100) Melissa Schwartz  (reports on actions taken by Board of Governors)
  • Joint Section Meetings - Walter M. Kelly,, 303-798-2525(coordinates luncheon programs with Tax, Business and Real Estate sections)
  • Media Liaison - Mark D. Masters (303-864-9320) (Works with reporters on stories concerning trusts or estates to ensure accuracy of information about our probate procedure; works with media on law-related projects)
  • Internet Editor - Dennis Whitmer, (303-864-7204) (303-881-4991) (Coordinates updates of pages with Mel Reveles of CBA and considers additional information)
  • CLE - Gene Zuspann (section vice-chair; coordinates co-sponsored seminars with CLE in Colorado, Inc.)
  • Convention - (in hiatus)
  • 2012 Estate Planning Retreat - Connie Eyster 442-6514
  • Tax Section Liaison - Andrew Kroll (303)228-7085
  • Business Law Liaison - John DeBruyn (303) 377-0707
  • Elder Law Liaison - Catherine Seal  719-387-9852
  • Local Bar Association Liaison - Billie Castle (970-243-8250) and Tony Vaida (970-870-3435)(coordinates with representatives from local bar associations around the state on estate and trust issues)
  • Real Estate Liaison - David Kirch (303-671-7726) (reports on issues relating to real property and title standards; coordinates legislation with Real Estate Section)
    Annual Survey of Law - Louisa M. Ritsick (303-321-7445)/Connie Tromble Eyster (303-442-6514 (prepares update of probate law each year
  • CBA Staff Liaison - E-mail Andrea Mueller at
  • CLE Publications - call Lisa Travis Fischer at CLE in Colorado, Inc. 303-824-5381
  • CLE Programs - Call Gary Abrams at CLE in Colorado, Inc. 303-860-0608