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Environmental Sustainability Program is Good for the Environment


  • Encouraging employees to carpool or take public transportation benefits the environment. The average car in the United States produces one pound of carbon dioxide per mile traveled. Vanpooling produces about .22 pounds of carbon dioxide per mileper passenger, and public transportation such as bus, light rail, or commuter rail produces an average of .45 pounds per mile per passenger. U.S. Department of Transportation Public Transportation’s Role in Responding to Climate Change.
  • Use of Energy Star labeled equipment in a typical 200-person office can save up to 190 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Green Guide for Lawyers, Meritas.
  • Recycling benefits the environment by conserving natural resources, saving energy, and reducing pollution. Recycling just 30% of materials currently going into landfills translates into a savings of 50 million BTUs of energy, reducing pollutants by over 2.5 million tons, and using 10 million fewer trees. Colorado Association for Recycling, Recycling: a Cornerstone of Sustainability Fact Sheet.
  • Water is a finite resource that is scarce in arid climates such as Colorado’s. Reducing water use benefits the environment by eliminating the need to develop further water supplies that can cause widespread environmental damage and helps keep the water in our state’s lakes, aquifers, and rivers. WesternResource Advocates.