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The Program or ESP

In an effort to promote more sustainable law practices, the Colorado Bar Association created the Environmental Sustainability Program (“ESP” or “The Program”).  The Program challenges Bar Association members to commit to environmental excellence by taking steps to reduce energy use and resource waste, and to otherwise strive for sustainability, at their firm or place of business (“law practice”).  It contains three interconnected components—people, planet, and profit—which are crucial to creating a sustainable practice.  For each component, law practices make cost-saving investments, adopt conservation measures, or implement other environmental best practices.

We encourage law practices to meet the The Program/ESP challenge at a level they are comfortable with.  Each practice tailors its participation based on what it can accomplish and the level of recognition it wants to receive (silver, gold, or platinum).  For example, law practices can institute duplex printing, go paperless, install compact fluorescent bulbs or motion sensors, or encourage employees to carpool, bike or take public transportation to work.

Participating law practices are recognized on CBA’s website and in other CBA materials.  Participants also can use the CBA ESP logo on their own website and in their marketing materials.

Resources to Get You Started