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LPM Newsletter

November 19, 2014

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Reba Nance

CLE—It’s More Than Just the Credits!

If you haven’t already, check out Colorado Bar Association CLE’s CLE Pass.

Between Basic or Elite, you can choose the program that best fits your practice. Instead of having to worry about going over your CLE budget or having to choose from among a large number of programs that interest you, you can pay one flat fee and have access to lots of options. CBA CLE is the preeminent provider in Colorado. You can be sure their programs are Colorado-specific and the speakers are top-notch. Check out their offerings—I guarantee you’ll find a number of programs there to help you practice law more efficiently and effectively.

Sign up for the ABA’s Law Practice Today webzine
Receive a complimentary email subscription to Law Practice Today—the Law Practice Division’s monthly webzine. It brings you the most current information and trends, in the legal industry, and includes anecdotes from professionals in the field of law. Click here to view the August 2013 edition as an example. To sign up, email Sue Bertram.

Quick Tips
Product Reviews

Casemaker—Overview of New Features and Insider Tips

by Wanda McDavid, published in The Colorado Lawyer
Casemaker, the online legal research library that’s free to CBA members, is often cited by members as the number one membership benefit. On May 1, 2014, the CBA launched the latest, enhanced version of Casemaker, which includes the following premium products at no cost to members: Casecheck+, CiteCheck, and Casemaker Digest. Read more.

My Paperless Office

by Rachel Young, posted on the Docket Blog
Imagine walking into your office to find your desk completely bare, with the exception of a laptop. Your bookshelves, file cabinets, and that stack of papers that had begun to accumulate on the floor because they didn’t fit on your desk anymore—that’s all gone too. It’s just you, your desk and chair, your computer, and whatever office decorations you brought from home (or lack thereof in my case). This is the world I live in, because I work for a paperless firm. Read more.

Original Papers Attorneys are Required to Keep

by Ernie Svenson, posted on Paperless Chase
One question that attorneys considering adopting a paperless filing system often have is: are there some types of paper that I have to keep in original form? Read more.

5 Practical Gifts for a Tech-Savvy Lawyer’s Office

by Mark Wilson, posted on FindLaw
If Thanksgiving is coming, you’d better believe that “Black Friday” deals are too. Hopefully you won’t actually be out shopping on Black Friday—or on Thanksgiving, for crying out loud. In any case, you don’t need to wait until Black Friday before finding deals for the tech-savvy lawyer in your life. Read more.


Marketing Tips for Your Solo Law Firm

by Melanie Fischer, posted on Solo in Colo
As a solo attorney, you might think you have everything you need to run a successful solo legal practice. But how will you keep a constant flow of clients coming through your door if they don’t know how to find you? Read more.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Paid Search Engine Optimization for Your Practice

by Jacob Sapochnick, posted on Enchanting Lawyer
Are you considering about doing paid search, but you’re not sure it’s right for you. Your caution is well-deserved because pay per click has its drawbacks, but depending on your situation it might be just the thing for your business. Read more.


How to Eliminate 80% of Your Law Firm’s Past Due Accounts

by David Ward, posted on Attorney Marketing Center
According to a survey by LexisNexis, 73% of law firms report having past due accounts. Lawyers in small firms reported that up to 39% of their total client base is past due. What causes this? And what can be done about it? Read more.

Setting Legal Fees in Your Law Practice

podcast with Adriana Linares and Ted Waggoner, posted on Legal Talk Network
When starting your solo practice, figuring out how to price your services can be very difficult. Many new lawyers undercut the market or undervalue what they have to offer. Additionally, in this emerging market of flat fees, they have to consider their strategy for setting legal rates. When charging for hourly legal services, what should be the lowest starting rate? How should a solo lawyer structure a system for flat fee pricing? Listen here.

Human Resources

“Hire Slow, Fire Fast” or “Hire Smarter, Fire Less”

by Jim Calloway, published in ABA’s Law Practice Magazine
“Hire Slow, Fire Fast” is an often-used phrase when it comes to hiring new staff. As with many clichés, there’s a lot of truth in it. We want to take care to do well with our important staff hiring decisions, and there is often a tendency to delay and to procrastinate terminating a new hire who isn’t working out. Read more.

The Happy Lawyer: Knowing When To Hire Help

by Nicole Black, posted on MyCase
It’s never easy to know when to delegate, whether by outsourcing or hiring new employees. That’s why “knowing when to hire help” is one of the keys to being a happy lawyer. Read more.


20 Law Practice Empowerment Tips

by Peggy Gruenke, posted on Attorney at Work
At the American Bar Association’s annual GPSolo National Solo and Small Firm Conference in October, practice management experts Peggy Gruenke and Alan Klevan presented “60 Practice Empowerment Tips in 60 Minutes”—focused on the nuts-and-bolts of running a successful law practice. Attorney at Work asked the pair to zero in on their favorite practice-boosting pointers—you could call this condensed version “20 Tips in 20 Minutes.” Read more.

Paulette Brown’s Advice for Women Attorneys

podcast with Laurence Colletti and Paulette Brown, posted on Legal Talk Network
Paulette Brown describes the need for female attorneys to not conform to expectations and seek out leadership roles within the legal profession. She also emphasizes the importance for all lawyers to find a balance in their lives including sleep, family, and finding something that helps clear the mind. Listen here.