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Past Judicial Excellence Honorees

Honors a DBA member of the judiciary for extraordinary service or exceptional contributions to the improvement of the judicial system.

1986—Leonard Plank, District Judge

1987—Robert Fullerton, District Judge

1988—Harold Reed, District Judge

1989—Clifton Flowers, District Judge
       —Edward Simons, County Judge

1990—John J. McMullen, District Judge
       —Brian T. Campbell and Larry Bohning, County Judges

1991—Bill Meyer, District Judge
       —Kathy Bowers, County Judge

1992—John Coughlin, District Judge
       —Ray Satter, County Judge

1993—Nancy Rice, District Judge
       —Alfred Harrell and Irving Ettenberg, County Judges

1994—Connie L. Peterson, District Judge
       —Jacqueline St. Joan, County Judge

1995—Robert Hyatt, District Judge
       —Ray Satter, County Judge

1996—Morris Hoffman, District Judge
       —Doris Burd, County Judge

1997—Award not given

1998—Award not given

1999—Award not given

2000—Steve Phillips, District Judge
       —Aleene Ortiz-White, County Judge

2001—H. Jeffrey Bayless, District Judge
       —John Marcucci, County Judge

2002—Warren O. Martin, District Judge

2003—Mary Mullarkey, Supreme Court Chief Justice

2004—Herb Galchinsky, County Judge

2005—John Coughlin, District Judge
       —James Breese, County

2006—Larry Manzanares, District Judge
       —Mary Celeste, County Judge

2007—Andrew Armatas, County Judge
       —Dana Wakefield, Denver Juvenile Court Judge

2008—Russell E. Carparelli, Colorado Court of Appeals Judge

2009—Orrelle R. Weeks, Denver Juvenile Court Judge

2010—Larry Naves, District Judge

2011—William W. Hood III, District Judge

2012—Daniel M. Taubman, Colorado Court of Appeals

2013—Alex J. Martinez, Colorado Supreme Court

2014—Dennis A. Graham, Colorado Court of Appeals

2015—Ruben Hernandez, Denver Probate Court

2016—Shelley Gilman, 2nd Judicial District