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Past Award of Merit Honorees

The Award of Merit recognizes outstanding service and contributions to the DBA and legal profession, or rendered in the interest of the improvement of the administration of justice. Criteria: lawyer, judge or law professor who is a regular member of the DBA and whose distinguished career exemplifies the purpose of the Award of Merit.

1957—Floyd F. Walpole

1958—Ira Quiat

1959—David Rosner

1960—Royal Rubright

1961—Norma L. Comstock

1962—Charles W. Works

1963—David Brofman

1964—Robert W. Steele

1965—Noah Alter

1966—Peter H. Holme

1967—M.B. Holt Jr.

1968—Lawrence M. Wood

1969—William P. Cantwell

1970—Charles A. Baer

1971—John E. Gorsuch

1972—Harry S. Silverstein

1973—Louis G. Isaacson

1974—Richard P. Brown

1975—Edwin A. Williams

1976—Henry J. Walsmith

1977—Sidney H. Grossman

1978—Anthony F. Zarlengo

1979—George C. Keeley

1980—Ira C. Rothgerber, Jr.

1981—Phillip G. Dufford

1982—Mandel Berenbaum

1983—Kenneth E. Barnhill, Jr.

1984—Philip Hornbein, Jr.

1985—William K. Ris

1986—Omer L. Griffin

1987—H. Harold Calkins

1988—O. Otto Moore

1989—Robert Booms & Shannon Robinson

1990—Howard I. Rosenberg

1991—Daniel S. Hoffman

1992—Jon Asher

1993—Willis Carpenter

1994—Garth Grissom

1995—Thomas deMarino

1996—Hal Feder (posthumously)

1997—Dale Harris

1998—Judge Al Harrell

1999—Judge Leonard Plank

2000—Steve Choquette

2001—Judge Robert Kapelke 

2002—Edwin S. Kahn

2003—Ben Aisenberg

2004—Brooke Wunnicke

2005—John Castellano

2006—Tony van Westrum

2007—John T. Baker

2008—Stanton D. Rosenbaum

2009—William P. DeMoulin (posthumously)

2010—Mark Fogg

2011—David C. Little

2012—Elsa Martinez Tenreiro

2013—Charles F. Garcia

2014—Judge Richard L. Gabriel

2015—Charles C. Turner

2016—Bill Walters