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Colorado Mentoring Program

Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program
Colorado Supreme Court

Objectives:  The broad objectives of CAMP are to promote professional pride and identity in the legal profession; to promote the pursuit of excellence in service to clients; and to promote strong relationships between the bar, courts, clients, law schools and public, through the teaching of the core values and ideals of the legal profession and the training in the best practices for meeting those ideals.

History of CAMP:  On September 22, 2011 the Chief Justice’s Commission on the Legal Profession recommended to the Colorado Supreme Court the establishment of a statewide lawyer mentoring program in Colorado, which will be implemented through bar associations, inns of courts, law firms, agencies, and other legal organizations throughout the state.  Since 2011 four pilot mentoring programs were organized, implemented and evaluated.  As a result of the Commission’s work, the CAMP office was established in February of 2013 with the hiring of the first director. Rule 255 C.R.C.P. establishes CAMP as component of the attorney regulation system under the Colorado Supreme Court.

2013 CAMP Programs: Current 2013 CAMP programs are with the Denver Bar Association, Minori Yasui Inn of Court, Colorado Defense Lawyers Association, Larimer County Bar Association, and the District Attorney’s Office for the 17th Judicial District.

Who are the Mentees?  To qualify as a mentee in CAMP programs, the lawyers must be a licensed, active Colorado lawyer, who is either practicing or is intending to practice law in Colorado. Preference will be given to lawyers, who are within their first three years following admission to practice law in Colorado. The lawyers need not be a member of a bar association.  The legal profession of localities in Colorado will have the flexibility to further define who the Mentees will be in local programs.

Who are the Mentors?  Mentors must be Colorado attorneys or judges, with an active license, in good standing or retired Colorado attorney or judge, who retired from the practice in good standing. The mentor shall be licensed for five years and have no history of suspension, disbarment, or pending disciplinary actions, including diversion programs.  Mentor skills training programs and materials will be developed and provided by CAMP.

CAMP Curriculum:  The 12-month CAMP curriculum will be developed by the mentee and mentor, but must cover certain subject areas, including: Initial Planning Meeting;  Personal and Professional Development--work-life balance, inclusiveness & diversity, and wellness ; The Colorado Bar and Legal Community (may include group activity); History and Importance of the Legal Profession (may include group activity); Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, Professionalism, and Civility; Litigation and Transaction Experiences (Colorado courts and procedures); Law Office Management and In-Office Procedures; Working with Clients; and Pro Bono & Civic Involvement (may include group activity)

Benefits:  Each mentee and mentor will receive 15 free CLE credits, including 2 ethics credits (at NO CHARGE) upon successful completion of the Program.  While the Program has components that include group activities, an emphasis is placed on the one-on-one professional relationship between the experienced lawyer and the less experienced lawyer because this is one of the best ways to pass on the values, ideals, and best practices of the profession. 

Need Mentoring Information? Contact Director John Baker at the CAMP or visit

Colorado Supreme Court   
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, Suite 230
Denver, Colorado 80202
F: (303)501-1143


For additional information on the program please go to

One hour presentation on Mentoring from CBA President David Masters