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The Fellows


The Colorado Bar Fellows was established in 1977 and is patterned after the successful American Bar Fellows program.  Colorado Bar Fellows are selected from nominees recommended by their colleagues based on factors such as their prominence, reputation and good standing in the legal community, outstanding contributions in their communities and contributions to advancing justice and then invited to join the CBF as a Fellow.  They are honored at the CBF annual dinner meeting.  Currently, new Fellows pledge $2,000 payable over 10 years.  After fulfilling this financial contributions, Fellows achieve Fellows Emeritus status.  Fellows Emeriti are encouraged, and most do, continue to contribute to the Foundation.  The primary source of endowment funding is derived from Fellows. Contact Dana Collier Smith for more information at


In 2004, former Colorado Bar Association president, Bennett S. Aisenberg, donated a $10,000 unrestricted gift to the Foundation.  In recognition of this extraordinary gesture, the Board of Trustees created a special category of donors, the “Aisenburg Society.”  Members of the Society donate $10,000 to the Foundation, either in a lump sum, or over a period of 10 years or less, or through a lifetime of giving.  They are specially recognized at the annual Bar Fellows dinner and have their name engraved on a plaque at the Foundation offices.

The following Fellows are member of the Aisenberg Society:

  • Deborah R. Adams
  • Bennett S. Aisenberg
  • Estate of Field C. Benton
  • Marcy G. Glenn & Thomas Goulet
  • Jack Kintzele
  • Michael E. McLachlan
  • H. Barton Mendenhall
  • Ronald W. Servis
  • Charles C. Turner
  • David L. Wood


Wanda J. Abel, Denver
Anthony T. Accetta, Denver *
Deborah R. Adams, Colorado Springs * 
Derry B. Adams, Colorado Springs *
Megan M. Adeyemo, Denver
Bennett S. Aisenberg, Denver *
Thomas N. Alfrey, Denver  *
Ann Allott, Littleton *
Gordon L. Allott, Jr., Littleton *
Donald W. Alperstein, Denver *
Federico C. Alvarez, Denver *
Kevin F. Amatuzio, Denver *
Laura L. Ammarell, Lone Tree
Emily E. Anderson, Broomfield
Geoffrey P. Anderson, Englewood *
Julie E. Anderson, Littleton
Christine M. Arguello, Denver
Damian J. Arguello, Denver
Betty C. Arkell, Denver *
Angela R. Arkin, Castle Rock *
Harry L. Arkin, Denver *
Baxter W. Arnold, Sterling *
Jonathan D. Asher, Denver * 
Teresa "Tracy" L. Ashmore, Denver
Kerri J. Atencio, Denver
Theodore B. Atlass, Denver *
H. Gregory Austin, Denver *
Lewis T. Babcock, Denver *
William Babich, Denver *
Gerald L. Bader, Jr., Denver *
Jason P. Bailey, Grand Junction
Donald K. Bain, Denver *
William B. Bain, Colorado Springs
John T. Baker, Denver *
Kenneth A. Baker, Salida *
Mary C. Baker, Castle Rock
Diane Balkin, Denver
Jon N. Banashek, Boulder
Barbara S. Banks, Denver *
Richard J. Banta, Englewood *
Scott S. Barker, Denver *
Patrick E Barney, Steamboat Springs *
John J. Barry, Greeley
Charles M. Barton, Salida *
Lisa E. Battan, Boulder
Frederick J. Baumann, Denver *
Chris G. Baumgartner, Denver
Robin L. Beattie, Denver *
Joan M. Bechtold, Denver
Kathryn McCord Beck, Golden *
Vanessa A. Becker, Denver
Sean C. Bell, Longmont
David M. Beller, Denver
Michael L. Bender, Denver
Richard B. Benenson, Denver
James G. Benjamin, Greenwood Vill.
Amy L. Benson, Denver *
Robert E. Benson, Denver *
Field C. Benton, Denver *
Bill C. Berger, Denver
Michael H. Berger, Denver
Jon Bernhardt, Denver
Susan Bernhardt, Denver *
Jeremy M. Bernstein, Aspen *
Joshua I. Berry, Denver
Jack W. Berryhill, Denver *
Donald A. Bertram, Denver *
Karen B. Best, Greenwood Village *
William A. Bianco, Denver *
Gillian M. Bidgood, Denver
Mary Price Birk, Centennial
Ethan J. Birnberg, Denver
Matthew Y. Biscan, Denver *
J. Fern Black, Denver *
Nicole Marie Black, Denver

Peter R. Black, Grand Junction
Stanley A. Black, Boulder *
Ilene L. Bloom, Denver *
Gary B. Blum, Denver *
Barbara Z. Blumenthal, Denver *
Harlan R. Bockman, Denver
Joseph I. Bodine, Greeley *
Larry L. Bohning, Denver *
Albert M. Bonin, Denver *
Victor F. Boog, Lakewood *
Peter W. Booth, Colorado Springs *
Kent H. Borges, Colorado Springs *
Warren B. Bosch, Denver *
Lawrence R. Bowling, Castle Rock
Aaron P. Bradford, Denver
Douglas E. Bragg, Denver *
Edgar H. Brandenburg, Brush *
Robert W. Brandes, Jr., Fort Collins *
L. Richard Bratton, Gunnison *
Christopher R. Brauchli, Boulder * 
Laranne A. Breagy, Durango
James B. Breese, Denver *
G. Scott Briggs, Colorado Springs *
Steve C. Briggs, Denver *
Geraldine A. Brimmer, Denver *
Karen L. Brody, Denver

Rebecca S. Bromley, Colorado Springs *
Michael R. Bromley, Colorado Springs *
Kristin M. Bronson, Denver
Baird B. Brown, Grand Junction *
Diane Myndie Brown, Englewood
Jaclyn C. Brown, Denver

Jessica Brown, Denver
Loren M. Brown, Broomfield
Thomas G. Brown, Denver *
Norman Brownstein, Denver *
Christopher D. Bryan, Aspen
Elizabeth A. Bryant, Denver
Alan H. Bucholtz, Denver *
George R. Buck, Jr., Cortez *
Bruce T. Buell, Colorado Springs *
Peter W. Bullard, Fort Collins
Glen A. Burbridge, Denver *
Doris E. Burd, Denver
Michael S. Burg, Englewood *
Donald H. Burkhardt, Denver *
Joan B. Burleson, Denver
Fotios M. Burtzos, Colorado Springs *
Robert G. Busch, Lakewood *
Mari C. Bush, Boulder *
David Butler, Denver *
Becky Bye, Denver *
Lauren C. Bynum, Colo. Springs 
David P. Cain, Denver *
Douglas M. Cain, Denver *
Maureen A. Cain, Denver *
Thomas J. Callahan, Wray *
A. Bruce Campbell, Denver *
Brian T. Campbell, Denver *
Donald E. Campbell, Colorado Springs *
John J. Campbell, Denver
E. Michael Canges, Denver *
Joel W. Cantrick, Denver *
Gerald A. Caplan, Boulder *
Judith J. Carlson, Frisco *
Ronald W. Carlson, Frisco *
Diane Carlton, Denver *
Russell E. Carparelli, Denver *
Stacy A. Carpenter, Denver *
Willis V. Carpenter, Denver *
James F. Carr, Denver *
Jim R. Carrigan, Denver *
Sheila P. Carrigan, Boulder *
Kristin A. Caruso, Greenwood Village
James S. Casebolt, Denver *
Charles L. Casteel, Denver *
Ann J. Castle, Denver *
Shari D. Caton, Denver
Sharon E. Caulfield, Boulder *
Inga H. Causey, Avon
Gary J. Ceriani, Denver *
James H. Chalat, Denver *
Barbara G. Chamberlain, Denver *
Catherine A. Chan, Denver
Paul H. Chan, Denver *
Robert B. Chapin, Brush
A, Michael Chapman, Durango
Bruce D. Chapman, Vail *
Karen L. Chapman, Denver *
Ashley L. Chase, Greeley
Natalie T. Chase, Denver *
Marco D. Chayet, Denver
Leonard M. Chesler, Denver *
Paul Chessin, Denver *
Jay Junekun Choi, Englewood *
Steven C. Choquette, Denver *
James R. Christoph, Boulder *
Cynthia L. Ciancio, Broomfield *
Richard K. Clark, Denver *
Roger E. Clark, Loveland *
Sarah M. Clark, Denver
Scott A. Clark, Greenwood Village
Gary M. Clexton, Denver *
Patricia J. Clisham, Denver
Patricia A. Coan, Denver *
Christine A. Coates, Boulder *
Jason Cobb, Denver
Trevor L. Cofer, Colorado Springs
Nancy L. Cohen, Denver * 
James M. Colosky, Grand Junction *
Frederic K. Conover II, Denver * 
Tammy D. Conover, Denver
Andrew J. Contiguglia, Denver
Donald L. Cook, Denver *
John W. Cook, Colorado Springs
Michael J. Cook, Denver *
Kelly Dickson Cooper, Denver
Patricia A. Cooper, Denver

Robert M. Cooper, Broomfield *
Meredith Patrick Cord, Colorado Springs
Pete Cordova, Salida
Miles C. Cortez, Jr., Denver * 
Megan F. Costello, Nederlands *
John W. Coughlin, Denver *
Cynthia F. Covell, Denver *
Jeffrey J. Cowman, Denver
James C. Coyle, Denver
Bethiah B. Crane, Durango *
S. Kato Crews, Colorado Springs *
Francis V. Cristiano, Greenwood Village *
John A. Criswell, Denver * 
Spencer J. Crona, Denver
James M. Croshal, Pueblo
William L. Crosier, Greeley *
Christopher C. Cross, Littleton *
Jonathan A. Cross, Greenwood Village
Thomas R. Cross, Colorado Springs *
Nancy R. Crow, Denver *
Benjamin E. Currier, Littleton

George B. Curtis, Denver *
Lisa M. Dailey, Colorado Springs *
Barbara A. Dalvano, Denver *
Wiley Y. Daniel, Denver *
Carolyn E. Daniels, Denver *
Sheri M. Danz, Denver

M. Lee Darling, Golden
Marc C. Darling, Denver *
Edward A. Dauer, Denver *
Mychael R. Dave, Jr., Greenwood Village
Janice B. Davidson, Denver *
Diane B. Davies, Denver *
Tracy Davis, Denver
Daniel N. Deasy, Greenwood Village
Diana L. DeGette, Denver
Herbert A. Delap, Denver *
Thomas J. DeMarino, Denver *
Danielle L. Demkowicz,, Denver
Laurence W. DeMuth, Jr., Englewood *
Gregory T. Densen, Denver
Amy C. DeVan, Denver
Thomas L. DeVine, Denver
Miles M. Dewhirst, Colorado Springs
Peter C. Dietze, Boulder *
Shelly Dill-Combs, Denver
Joseph B. Dischinger, Denver *
Kristi D. Disney, Conifer
Christina L. Dixon, Denver
Jerre W. Dixon, Denver
Jack E. Donley, Colorado Springs *
Robert C. Dorr, Denver *
Rebecca W. Dow, Denver *
Janet S. Drake, Denver
William F. Dressel, Fort Collins *
David J. Driscoll, Louisville *
Jean E. Dubofsky, Boulder *
Michael P. Dulin, Denver
Paul Dunkelman, Frisco *
John W. Dunn, Vail *
Katy J. Dunn, Denver
Stephanie Dunn, Denver
Anton V. Dworak, Longmont *
G. Lane Earnest, Boulder *
Richard L. Eason, Denver *
Leslie A. Eaton, Denver
Jane G. Ebisch, Lakewood
John L. Eckelberry, Denver
John A. Eckstein, Denver *
Jacob "Jake" C. Eisenstein, Littleton
Dana L. Eismeier, Englewood *
Angela L. Ekker, Englewood
Carl A. Eklund, Denver *
Scott J. Eldredge, Englewood *
Nancy B. Elkind, Denver *
Katherine O. Ellis, Denver
Ericka Houck Englert, Denver
Margie L. Enquist, Golden
David L. Erickson, Denver *
Stephen K. ErkenBrack, Denver * 
Adam J. Espinosa, Denver
Aaron L. Evans, Denver
Mary W. Evans, Colorado Springs
Contsance Tromble Eyster, Boulder
Josie M. Faix, Denver
Beth Faragher, Denver
Steven W. Farber, Denver *
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr., Denver *
J. Michael Farley, Denver * 
Mechelle Y. Faulk, Denver
Olympia Z. Fay, Denver
Ernest F. Fazekas II, Castle Rock *
Sarah B. Felsen, Denver
Edwin L. Felter, Jr., Denver
Michelle Buescher Ferguson, Denver
Bruce F. Fest, Boulder *
Steven B. Fieldman, Pueblo
Brandon Fields, Boulder
David R. Fine, Denver
Gene E. Fischer, Fort Collins *
Paul N. Fisher, Denver
Susan Smith Fisher, Littleton *
Cecelia (Cindy) A. Fleischner, Denver
W. Harold (Sonny) Flowers, Jr., Boulder *
Mark A. Fogg, Denver *
James B. Folkestad, Castle Rock *
Scott R. Foncannon, Boyds, MD *
Frances C. Fontana, Denver *
Douglas D. Foote, Lafayette *
David W. Foster, Denver *
Susan Fox, Lakewood *
Timothy P. Fox, Denver
Rebecca L. Franciscus, Denver 
Timothy R. Franklin, Aurora
Bryan T. Fredrickson, Canon City
Todd A. Fredrickson, Denver
Robert H.S. French, Breckenridge *
Henry C. Frey, Greeley *
John P. Frey, Fort Collins *
Ann B. Frick, Denver *
Janet L. Frickey, Lakewood *
Robert G. Frie, Arvada
Alan C. Friedberg, Denver *
Sheldon E. Friedman, Denver *
Leonard I. Frieling, Boulder
Melody K. Fuller, Broomfield *
Robert P. Fullerton, Denver *
David W. Furgason, Denver *
H. Patrick Furman, Boulder *
Richard L. Gabriel, Denver *
Larry R. Gaddis, Colorado Springs *
Pamela A. Gagel, Denver *
Herbert H. Galchinsky, Denver *
Catherine C. Gale, Denver
Daniel B. Galloway, Denver *
Charles F. Garcia, Denver *
Valerie A. Garcia, Denver
Robert S. Gardner, Colorado Springs
Walter W. Garnsey, Jr., Denver *
Emma E. Garrison, Denver
James R. Garts III, :Littleton *
Timothy Garvey, Denver
James G. Gaspich, Denver
Richard S. Gast, Fort Collins *
Robert Gavrell, Glenwood Springs
John D. Gehlhausen, Lamar *
Christopher L. Geiger, Glenwood Springs
Henry J. Geisel, Pueblo
Leonard Gelman, Denver
Howard B. Gelt, Denver *
Theodore Z. Gelt, Denver *
Elvin L. Gentry, Colorado Springs *
Russell L. George, Rifle *
Walter L. Gerash, Denver *
Allison Gerkman, Denver
Nancy "Susie" Germany, Denver
Nicholas Ghiselli, Denver
Matthew R. Giacomini, Englewood *
Cyndy L. Giauque, Windsor *
Ann W. Gill, Castle Rock
Shelley I. Gilman, Denver *
Terence A. Gilmore, Fort Collins *
Loren R. Ginsburg, Denver *
Gregory R. Giometti, Denver *
Heidi S. Glance, Centennial
M. Carl Glatstein, Denver
John S. Gleason, Denver
Marcy G. Glenn, Denver *
Brett M. Godfrey, Englewood *
Charles Goldberg, Denver * 
David H. Goldberg, Denver
Rebecca Goldmanis, Castle Rock
Leonard M. Goldstein, Denver *
Peter A. Goldstein, Colorado Springs *
Peter B. Goldstein, Denver *
F. Michael Goodbee, Brighton
Tamara F. Goodlette, Denver
Samuel Gordon, Denver
Andrew C. Gorgey, Glenwood Springs *
Jennifer S. Gormley, Centennial *
Dennis A. Graham, Denver *
William R. Gray, Boulder *
Tennyson W. Grebenar, Denver *
Lawrence R. Green, Glenwood Springs *
Emily Teel Gregory, Greenwood Village
Paula D. Greisen, Denver *
Thomas D. Gresham, Colorado Spgs *
Harry Griff, Grand Junction *
Dan G. Griffin, Grand Junction *
E. David Griffith, Colorado Springs *
Peter J. Griffiths, Denver
Suzanne Griffiths, Lone Tree *
Mary Jo Gross, Denver *
John W. Groves, Grand Junction * 
K. C Groves, Denver
Mark D. Gruskin, Denver *
Rebecca I. Gumaer, Wheat Ridge
Ann C. Gushurst, Littleton
Sheila M. Gutterman, Littleton *
Samuel P. Guyton, Denver *
Kerry S. Hada, Englewood *
Harold A. Haddon, Denver *
Howard M. Haenel, Denver
George R. Haffke, Fort Morgan * 
Norman D. Haglund, Denver
Kathryn Haight, Denver *
Susan G. Haines, Denver
Allan L. Hale, Denver *
Aaron C. Hall, Aurora
Eric V. Hall, Colorado Springs
Carol M. Haller, Denver *
John Lawrence Hamil, Denver *
Lisa Hamilton-Fieldman, Boulder
David R. Hammond, Denver *
Lynn A. Hammond, Loveland *
Mary Mead Hammond, Denver *
Thomas J. Hammond, Denver
J. Mark Hannen, Centennial *
Christopher L. Hardaway, Danby, VT *
Stephen J. Harhai, Denver * 
Alfred C. Harrell, Jr., Denver *
Dale R. Harris, Denver *
Richard A. Harris, Denver *
Susan R. Harris, Denver *
David B. Harrison, Boulder *
David Harston, Denver
Andrew N. Hart, Lakewood
Richard H. Hart, Carbondale *
Dennis W. Hartley, Colorado Springs *
Holli L. Hartman, Denver
Constance Hauver, Denver *
Robert D. Hawthorne, Denver *
Valerie V. Haynes, Pueblo *
Katie Hays, Glenwood Springs
Laura J. Hazen, Denver
David W. Heckenbach, Lone Tree *
Chris D. Hefty, Loveland *
Robert G. Heiserman, Denver *
Bette Heller, Centennial
David A. Helmer, Frisco *
Christian H. Hendrickson, Denver
Thomas C. Henley, Colorado Springs *
Richard F. Hennessey, Denver *
Bryan Scott Henry, Dillon
Edward M. Heppenstall, Denver *
John G. Herbert, Denver *
Ruben M. Hernandez, Denver
R. Craig Hess, Denver *
James H. Hiatt, Fort Collins
Erin E. Hickey, Lakewood
Otto K. Hilbert II, Denver
Alden V. Hill, Fort Collins *
James W. Hill, Denver  *
Robert F. Hill, Denver *
Shelley A. Hill, Steamboat Springs
Neil Hillyard, Parker
Daniel C. Himelspach, Denver *
Mary T. Hoagland, Denver *
Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr., Denver *
Matthew Hobbs, Monte Vista *
Joseph G. Hodges, Jr., Denver *  
Denise D. Hoffman, Denver *
Morris B. Hoffman, Denver *
Lisa A, Hogan, Denver *
Courtney A. Holm, Avon
Richard P. Holme, Denver *
Judith H. Holmes, Denver *
Robert A. Holmes, Denver *
John S. Holt, Denver * 
L. Tyrone Holt, Denver *
Marcia C. Holt, Denver *
William W. Hood III, Denver
Nancy A. Hopf, Centennial
George M. Hopfenbeck, Jr., Denver *
Amanda C. Hopkins, Alamosa
Edward C. Hopkins, Jr., Denver
Robert P. Horen, Denver
Gregory K. Hoskin, Grand Junction * 
Julie C. Hoskins, Greeley
Walter N. Houghtaling, Denver
Kim R. Houtchens, Greeley *
Peter C. Houtsma, Denver *
Wesley B. Howard, Greenwood Village *
H. Lawrence Hoyt, Boulder *
R. Val Hoyt, Englewood *
Kenneth D. Hubbard, Denver *
Melissa D. Hubbard, Denver
James W. Hubbell, Denver *
Lynne M. Hufnagel, Denver *
Dustin T. Hughes, Salida
Lori C. Hulbert, Denver
William L. Hunnicutt, Denver *
Jennifer H. Hunt, Denver
Laurie A. Hunter, Denver *
Paul W. Hurcomb, Colorado Springs
Steven R. Hutchins, Denver
Kyle H. Hybl, Colorado Springs *
William J. Hybl, Colorado Springs *
Cynthia J. Hyman, Denver
S. Kirk Ingebretsen, Denver *
Barney Iuppa, Colorado Springs *
Kathleen T. Ives, Denver *
Brenda L. Jackson, Cañon City *
Gary M. Jackson, Denver *
R. Brooke Jackson, Golden *
Robbi J. Jackson, Lakewood *
Paul A. Jacobs, Denver *
Philip R. James, Denver
Kenneth A. Jaray, Colorado Springs *
Patricia M. Jarzobski, Denver
Joseph C. Jaudon, Jr., Denver *
Brian A. Jeffrey, Denver
Michael T. Jewell, Morrison
David M. Johnson, Colorado Springs *
Elaine T. Johnson, Crestone *
Frances R. Johnson, Colorado Springs
Victoria V. Johnson, Denver
Winthrop D. Johnson, Boulder *
April Jones, Greenwood Village
Jerry N. Jones, Denver *
Kendor P. Jones, Denver *
Raymond D. Jones, Denver *
Claudia J. Jordan, Denver *
Randall D. Jorgensen, Pueblo * 
John A. Jostad, Fort Collins *
Craig D. Joyce, Denver *
David R. Juarez, Brighton *
Edwin S. Kahn, Denver *
Ryan L. Kamada, Greeley
Gregory B. Kanan, Denver *
Thomas L. Kanan, Denver *
Thomas Kelly Kane, Colorado Springs *
Casey C. Kannenberg, Denver
Patrick J. Kanouff, Denver
Annie T. Kao, Broomfield
Robert J. Kapelke, Denver *
Marc J. Kaplan, Denver *
Michael H. Kaplan, Denver
Cheryl M. Karstaedt, Boulder *
Martin J. Katz, Denver
Tucker M. Katz, Boulder
Ellen O. Kauffmann, Denver
Steven M. Kaufmann, Denver *
Dennis Kaw, Denver
Kenzo S. Kawanabe, Denver *
Leslie B. Kaye, Denver
John T. Kearns, Englewood *
Robert R. Keatinge, Denver *
John J. Keilbach, Pueblo *
R. Livingston Keithley, Denver
Glen E. Keller, Jr., Denver *
John S. Kellogg, Denver *
John F. Kelly, Denver *
Mary J. Kelly, Denver *
Michael J. Kelly, Denver
Terrance R. Kelly, Denver *
Walter M. Kelly II, Littleton
Russell W. Kemp, Denver
Phillip A. Kendall, Colorado Springs *
Robert E. Kendig, Aspen
Howard Kenison, Denver *
Patrick F. Kenney, Denver *
Stanley C. Kent, Colorado Springs *
Albert H. Kern, Aspen *
Timothy G. Kerns, Greeley
C. Todd Kettelkamp, Pueblo *
W.C. Kettlekamp, Jr., Pueblo *
Marion A. Keyes, Breckenridge
J. Keith Killian, Grand Junction
Kimbra L. Killin, Holyoke
Diane S. King, Denver
Kevin J. Kinnear, Boulder *
John "Jack" A. Kintzele, Denver *
Matthew T. Kirsch. Denver
Andrew S. Klatskin, Denver *
Beth A. Klein, Erie *
Kate E. Knickrehm, Denver
David C. Knowlton, Denver *
Mollybeth Kocialski, Broomfield
Peter G. Koclanes, Denver
Christopher J. Koenigs, Denver *
John Kokish, Castle Rock *
Bruce A. Kolbezen, Colorado Springs *
Amy J. Kolczak, Fort Collins
Francis A. Koncilja, Denver *
Dolores B. Kopel, Denver *

Rebecca Koppes Conway, Greeley *
Rebecca L. Kourlis, Denver *
B. Joseph Krabacher, Aspen *
Cathy S. Krendl, Denver *
Marcia S. Krieger, Denver *
Richard H. Krohn, Grand Junction *
M. Susan Kudla, Denver
O. John Kuenhold, Alamosa
Kevin J. Kuhn, Denver *
Karl F. Kumli III, Boulder
Barbara Weil Laff, Denver *
Kenneth M. Laff, Denver *
Glendon L. Laird, Englewood
Donald E. 'Tripp' Lake, Denver
Michele R. Lamontagne, Denver *
Robert G. Land, Trinidad
Christopher Lane, Denver *
James B. Lapin, Denver *
Juli E. Lapin, Greenwood Village *
Keith D. Lapuyade, Denver *
Bryon M. Large, Sr., Denver
Katherine Shand Larkin, Denver *
Matthew S. Larson, Denver
Steven C. Lass, Denver
Richard W. Laugesen, Denver *
Christine J. Law, Denver
John M. Law, Denver *
JenniLynn Everett Lawrence, Cortez
Leslie M. Lawson, Denver *
Chuong M. Le, Brighton
John M. Lebsack, Denver *

David J. Lee, Denver
Marian L. Lee, Denver *
Sumi Lee, Denver
Anthony L. Leffert, Denver

Christopher M. Leh, Boulder *
James R. Leh, Sterling *
Heather A. Leja, Denver
Catherine A. Lemon, Denver
Hover T. Lentz, Denver *
Mark F. Leonard, Denver *
William J. Leone, Denver
John P. Leopold, Centennial *
Eileen R. Lerman, Denver
Bradley A. Levin, Denver
Tama L. Levine, Denver
Mark R. Levy, Denver *
David Liberman, Durango
David Lichtenstein, Denver *
Herrick K. Lidstone, Jr., Englewood *
Kathryn A. Lincoln, Littleton *

Lino S. Lipinsky de Orlov, Denver
Evan S. Lipstein, Lakewood * 
Richard M. Lirtzman, Boulder *
Christopher B. Little, Greenwood Village *
David C. Little, Greenwood Village *
Randall M. Livingston, Denver *
Alan M. Loeb, Denver * 
Frederick W. Long, Denver *
Kathryn S. Lonowski, Fort Collins
Stephenie D. Lorimer, Wheat Ridge
Daniel J. Lowenberg, Montrose
Joseph E. Lubinski, Denver
Carlos F. Lucero, Denver *
Jonathan M. Lucero, Denver
Nathan J. Lucero, Thornton
F. Michael Ludwig, Denver
Jay E. Lutz, Denver *
Kenneth H. Lyman, Denver *
Natalie R. Lynch, Austin, TX
James M. Lyons, Denver *
Richard N. Lyons II, Longmont
Wm. David Lytle, Pueblo *
Christopher Macaulay, Denver *
Mark A. MacDonnell, Las Animas
M. E. ‘Sandy’ MacDougall, Colorado Springs *
Robert J. Mack, Colorado Springs 
Pamela R. Mackey, Denver *
Leonard H,. MacPhee, Denver
Dennis Maes, Pueblo *
Joel C. Maguire, Boulder *
Mary A. Malatesta, Denver *
Robert L. Malman, Denver *
Dennis M. Malone, Trinidad
Phillip F. Malouff, Jr., La Junta *
Anne M. Mansfield, Denver *
Michelle Marcu, Denver
Lawrence W. Marquess, Denver *
Ernest F. Marquez, Salida
Jose D. L. Marquez, Denver * 
Monica M. Marquez, Denver
Brent A. Martin, Montrose
E. Gregory Martin, Boulder * 
Jean T. Martin, Denver
Raymond W. Martin, Denver
Ronald M. Martin, Colorado Springs *
A. Lenore Martinez, Denver
Alex J. Martinez, Denver
William J. Martinez, Denver *
Elsa T. Martinez Tenreiro, Denver
Michael G. Massey, Denver *
David L. Masters, Montrose *
Mark D. Masters, Denver *
Karen J. Mathis, Denver *
Fay M. Matsukage, Denver *
Diane H. Mauriello, Avon *
Steven E. McBride, Englewood *
John L. McCabe, Denver
Elizabeth H. McCann, Denver *
Ian D. McCargar, Fort Collins
David L. McCarl, Denver * 
Michael S. McCarthy, Denver *
John H. McClow, Gunnison *
Katherine E. McClure, Denver
Alicia J. McCommons, Littleton
Michael T. McConnell, Denver *
Kim I. McCullough, Denver
Daniel R. McCune, Denver
Gerald P. McDermott, Denver *
John A. McDermott, Cañon City * 
Monica S. McElyea, Frisco
Frank L. McGuane, Jr., Denver
Dawn M. McKnight, Denver *
Michael E. McLachlan, Durango *
Andrew R. McLetchie, Denver
Richard G. McManus, Jr., Denver *
Lynda A. McNeive, Denver
Julia Griffith McVey, Lakewood
Joan H. McWilliams, Denver *
Rocco Meconi, Canon City
Scott A. Meiklejohn, Denver
H. Barton Mendenhall, Rocky Ford *
Pepe J. Mendez, Denver *
Bruce A. Menk, Denver *
Annita M. Menogan, Denver *
John C. Metcalf, Boulder *
Frederick G. Meyer, Denver *
Joseph E. Meyer III, Denver *
William G. Meyer, Denver *
Jane Michaels, Denver *
Steven A. Michalek, Denver *
Raymond P. Micklewright, Colorado Springs *
Leo F. Milan, Jr., Denver *
Laird T. Milburn, Grand Junction *
Amy L. Miletich, Denver
Kevin D. Millard, Denver *
Gale T. Miller, Denver *
J. Kent Miller, Denver *
James S. Miller, Denver
Michael P. Miller, Littleton *
Nancy D. Miller, Denver *
Robert N. Miller, Denver  *
Zach C. Miller, Denver *
Brian D. Milligan, Denv
Denise K. Mills, Denver *
Ned A. Minor, Denver *
Martha T. Minot, Durango
Richard E. Mishkin, Denver *
Nicholas E. Mitchell, Denver
Kristen L. Mix, Denver
Donald S. Molen, Denver *
Lesleigh W. Monahan, Lakewood *
Peggy Montaño, Denver *
W. Robert Montgomery, Lakewood *
R. Thomas Moorhead, Eagle
Grady Bryan Morgan, Denver *
Ric N. Morgan, Elbert

Joel A. Mortez, Denver *
Cecil E. Morris, Jr., Denver *
Stanley M. Morris, Cortez *
Mitchell R. Morrissey, Denver
Kim Morss, Denver *
Jeremy A. Moseley, Denver
Marie A. Moses, Denver *
Pax Moultrie, Denver
John E. Moye, Denver *
Barbara J. Mueller, Denver
Norman R. Mueller, Denver *
Daniel C. Muffly, Fort Collins
Mary J. Mullarkey, Denver *
James M. Mulligan, Denver *
D. Rico Munn, Denver *
Stephen M. Munsinger, Denver *
Richard M. Murray, Denver
L. Richard Musat, Denver *
Jessica K. Muzzio, Colorado Springs
Ramsey D. Myatt, Fort Collins
Peter J. Nagel, Denver *
Kent A. Naughton, Greeley

Edgar L. Neel, Denver
Kathleen A. Negri, Denver *
Richard C. Nehls, Boulder *
William D. Neighbors, Denver *
Charlotte L. Neitzel, Denver
Laurence E. Nemirow, Denver *
Gordon W. Netzorg, Denver *
G. Keith Newbold, Durango *
Mari A. Newman, Denver
Mary "Dixie" Newnam, Trinidad
Peter H. Ney, Denver *
Jon S. Nicholls, Denver *
Peter D. Nichols, Denver
Collie E. Norman, Denver
Leonard M. Oates, Aspen *
Sarah M. Oates, Aspen
Matthew J. Ochs, Denver
Kathleen A. Odle, Denver *
Michael L. O'Donnell, Denver *
Thomas R. O’Donnell, Denver *
Murray Ogborn, Denver
Melissa A. Ogburn, Highlands Ranch
Michael A. O'Hara III, Steamboat Springs *
Keith M. Olivia, Boulder
Amy K. Ondos, Montrose
Patrick T. O'Rourke, Greenwood Village *
Arthur E. Otten, Jr., Denver * 
Tad Overturf, La Junta *
Jane C. Paddison, Boulder
William A. Paddock, Denver *
Gerald Padmore, Denver
Laura L. Page, Castle Rock
J. Marcus Painter, Boulder
John M. Palmeri, Denver *
Gary L. Palumbo, Denver
Randy L. Parcel, Denver
Elizabeth C. Paris, Washington, DC
Cash K. Parker, Denver
Lorraine E. Parker, Denver *
Margrit A. L. Parker, Denver
J. Steven Patrick, Gunnison *
Jack Patten III, Denver
Neeti Pawar, Denver *
Christopher W. Payne, Denver
Raymond Lee Payne, Jr., Denver
Nancy L. Pearl, Denver
Neil Peck, Denver *
Steven T. Pelican, Colorado Springs *
Brian Pendleton, Denver *
J. Curt Penny, Jr., Sterling
Gregory W. Perkins, Vail *
Charles L. Peters, Aurora
Jennifer L. Peters, Greeley
Brooke A. Peterson, Aspen *
Connie L. Peterson, Denver *
Dianne H. Peterson, Loveland
Daniel B. Petre, Glenwood Springs *
J. Ryann Peyton, Denver
John S. Pfeiffer, Denver *
Elizabeth A. Phelan, Denver *
C. Vincent Phelps, Brighton
Florence J. Phillips, Barberton, OH*
Mary M. Phillips, Denver *
Marsha M. Piccone, Denver *

Joe Pickard, Littleton
Charles D. Pierce, Denver *
John K. Pineau, Boulder * 
William T. Pizzi, Boulder *
Frank Plaut, Lakewood *
Gary L. Polidori, Lakewood *
Dennis B. Polk, Golden *
Ashley Pollock, Denver
Diana M. Poole, Denver
Brian S. Popp, Denver *
Glenn Porzak, Boulder *
Patricia K. Post, Lakewood
John R. Posthumus, Denver
Kristine L. Poston, Denver
Lori J. Potter, Denver *
Daniel P. Powell, Alamosa *
Diana L. Powell, Littleton *
Charles M. Pratt, Centennial
Gerald D. Pratt, Centennial *
Susan G. Pray, Denver *
Paul A. Prendergast, Littleton *
Bruce D. Pringle, Denver *
Anthony Prinster, Grand Junction * 
Wallace D. Prugh, Denver
Ross W. Pulkrabek, Denver
John A. Purvis, Boulder *
Beverly J. Quail, Denver *
Caitlin S. Quander, Denver
Donald S. Quick, Brighton
Lewis M. Quigg, Pueblo *
Joseph R. Quinn, Denver *
Thomas B. Quinn, Denver *
Troy R. Rackham, Denver
Thomas J. Ragonetti, Denver * 
Ann T. Raisch, Boulder *
Jerry W. Raisch, Boulder *
Manuel Ramos, Denver *
Jerremy M. Ramp, Denver
Siddhartha H. Rathod, Denver
Gregory D. Rawlings, Denver
Henry R. Reeve, Denver *
E. Lee Reichert III, Denver
Scott H. Reisch, Denver
Michael J. Repucci, Boulder
Maurice Reuler, Denver * 
Ann M. Rhodes, Boulder
Jennifer L. Rice, Fort Collins
Nancy E. Rice, Denver *
Kirk Rider, Grand Junction *
Laura J. Riese, Denver
Matthew J. Rita, Denver *
Louisa M. Ritsick, Denver
Rohn K. Robbins, Vail
Thomas L. Roberts, Denver *
Amy F. Robertson, Denver
Frank L. Robinson, Denver *

Shannon A. Robinson, Denver *
Frederic B. Rodgers, Central City * 
Nancy Rodgers, Denver
Thomas A. Rodriguez, Louisville
Alexander R. Rothrock, Englewood *
Arthur P. Roy, Denver *
W. Terry Ruckriegle, Breckenridge
Richard K. Rufner, Denver
Edwin G. Ruland, Denver *
Michael A. Sabian, Denver *
John A. Sadwith, Denver
Barbara Salomon, Denver *
Susan E. Sanders, Denver *
Michael C. Santo, Grand Junction
Craig A. Sargent, Littleton
Raymond N. Satter, Denver *
Anita C. Savage, Dallas, TX
Loren B. Schall, Fort Collins *
Stephen J. Schapanski, Fort Collins
Richard J. Scheurer, Lakewood *
Glenn H. Schlabs, Colorado Springs *
O. Edward Schlatter, Salida *
Jessica M. Schmidt, Denver
William F. Schoeberlein, Denver *
Bonnie M.J. Schriner, Denver *
Frank J. Schuchat, Denver
Robert A. Schuetze, Boulder *
Helena Schultz, Brush *
Steven R. Schumacher, Denver *
Kimberly B. Schutt, Fort Collins *
Timothy J. Schutz, Colorado Springs *
Melissa R. Schwartz, Denver
Erich Schwiesow, Alamosa *
Jeremy "Jed" E. Scott, Fort Collins
Timothy B. Scull, Denver
Daniel J. Sears, Lakewood *
Lance M. Sears, Colorado Springs * 
Kathy L. Seidel, Denver *
Barry Seidenfeld, Englewood
Kathryn Sellars, Montrose
Byeongsook Seo, Denver
Ronald W. Servis, Lakewood *
Teresa W/ Seymour, Greenwood Village
Craig B. Shaffer, Denver
David L. Shakes, Colorado Springs
Jennifer E. Shaler, Denver
Thomas R. Sharp, Steamboat Springs *
David B. Shaw, Pueblo * 
Michael L. Shea, Centennial
Cynthia H. Shearer, Denver
Megan Sherr, Highlands Ranch *
Daniel J. Sherwinter, Boulder
Wendy S. Shinn, Lamar
Lynne Sholler, Durango *
Helen C. Shreves, Denver *
Linda L. Siderius, Denver *
Helen Sigmond, Alamosa *
Douglas M. Sinor, Denver
Charles L. Sisk, Boulder *
Jill B. Sisson, Morrison *
William F. Skewes, Evergreen *
Frederick B. Skillern, Greenwood Village *
Marjorie N. Sloan, Denver *
Robert S. Slosky, Denver *
David P. Smith, Durango *
Diane Vaksdal Smith, Englewood *
Erin M. Smith, Denver
Gregory James Smith, Denver *
Michael A. Smith, Denver *
Robert M. Smith, Fort Collins *
J. D. Snodgrass, Grand Junction *
MaryBeth Schroeder, Denver *
Harvey E. Solomon, Denver *
Steven M. Sommers, Denver *
James J. Soran III, Englewood *
Lynaia M. South, Steamboat Springs
Allen Sparkman, Boulder *
Richard J. Spelts, Littleton *
Charles C. Spence, Durango
John G. Spiegleman, Denver
David A. Sprecace, Denver
Louise B. Staab, Denver
David H. Stacy, Denver *
David L. Starbuck, Denver
Sam D. Starritt, Grand Junction
Elizabeth A. Starrs, Denver *
David S. Steefel, Denver *
Robert L. Steenrod, Jr., Denver *
Jan N. Steiert, Denver *
Sarah A. Steinbeck, Englewood
Beat U. Steiner, Denver *
Joyce S. Steinhardt, Englewood *
Karen S. Steinhauser, Denver *
Herbert L. Stern III, Denver
Alan L. Sternberg, Denver *
David J. Stevens, Littleton *
Shannon W. Stevenson, Denver
C. Jean Stewart, Denver *
Jennifer Stewart, Fort Collins
Max S. Stich, Denver
Michael R. Stiff, Denver
Deanne R. Stodden, Littleton
James L. Stone, Denver
Samuel J. Stoorman, Denver *
Brenda L. Storey, Denver
Jill-Ellyn Straus, Brighton
Richard S. Strauss, Denver *
Thomas L. Strickland, Denver *
Elizabeth B. Strobel, Greeley
Mary Hurley Stuart, Denver *
James (Jamie) Sudler, Denver
John-David Sullivan, Fort Collins *
Kent E. Sutherland, Denver *
John W. Suthers, Denver *
Raymond L. Sutton, Jr., Denver
Victoria C. Swanson, Colorado Springs *
Charlotte N. Sweeney, Denver
Daniel A. Sweetser, Denver
Pattie P. Swift, Alamosa
Constance C. Talmage, Denver *
Katherine Tamblyn, Denver * 
Larry D. Tannenbaum, Denver
Daniel M. Taubman, Denver *
Diana L. Terry, Denver
Joseph H. Thibodeau, Denver *
Roger P. Thomasch, Denver *
Joel S. Thompson, Glenwood Springs
C. Gregory Tiemeier, Denver
Lance P. Timbreza, Grand Junction
Douglas M. Tisdale, Cherry Hills Village
Margaret L. Toal, Denver *
Andrew M. Toft, Denver *
Gerald G. Tolley, Colorado Springs *
Dorothy H. Tomasetti, Littleton *
Jerry B. Tompkins, Grand Junction *
Ralph G. Torres, Denver *
Don J. Toussaint, Aurora
Ted C. Tow III, Denver *
Catherine A. Traugott *
Tucker K. Trautman, Denver *
Lawrence W. Treece, Denver * 
William A. Trine, Boulder *
Doris B. Truhlar, Littleton *
Robert J. Truhlar, Littleton *
Lorenzo A. Trujillo, Westminster *
Craig L. Truman, Denver *
Herbert E. Tucker, Denver
Charles C. Turner, Denver *
David C. Turner, Denver

Dale P. Tursi, Pueblo * 
Dinsmore Tuttle, Greeley
Timothy M. Tymkovich, Denver *
Kimberley H. Tyson, Denver *
Marla C. Underell, Durango
Arthur C. Underwood, Aurora *
Leia G. Ursery, Denver
Emily E. Valdez, Castle Rock
Anthony van Westrum, Denver *
Bradley V. Varmo, Broomfield
Teri L. Vasquez, Westminster
John M. Vaught, Denver *
Kara D. Veitch, Denver
David Vela, Denver *
D. Sean Velarde, Englewood *
Kyle C. Velte, Denver
Marvin R. Ventrell, Denver *
Mariana Vielma, Brighton
Robert M. Vinton, Denver *
Frank W. Visciano, Denver *
JoAnn Vogt, Denver *
James R. Wade, Denver * 
Sara M. Wagers-Johnson, Wray
Julia T. Waggener, Denver *
Craig E. Wagner, Englewood *
James R. Walker, Denver *
Julie M. Walker, Englewood *
Peter J. Wall, Denver
John F. Walsh, Denver
J. Gregory Walta, Denver *
William E. Walters III, Denver *
Andrea Wang, Denver
Lester L. Ward, Denver *
Star L. Waring, Boulder
Daniel A. Wartell, Denver
Jennifer M. Wascak, Denver
Francis C. Wasserman, Brighton
Doris A. Waters, Lakewood
John L. Watson, Denver *
James R. Wear, Vail *
Zita L. Weinshienk, Denver *
Jo Ann Weinstein, Denver *
Gina B. Weitzenkorn, Denver *
Carol M. Welch, Denver *
Kristi A. Wells, Denver
Karen H. Wheeler, Englewood *
Carolynne C. White, Denver *
K. Allison White, Denver
J. Gregory, Whitehair, Denver
Dennis N. Whitmer, Denver *
Timothy E. Whitsitt, Carbondale *
Robert Wiegand II, Denver
Chad D. Williams, Denver *
Gordon J. Williams, Colorado Springs
Lisa D. Williams, Denver *
Mark W. Williams, Denver
Marla J. Williams, Denver *
Michael A. Williams, Denver *
Julie M. Williamson, Denver *
Peter D. Willis, Denver *
Charles H. Willman, Glenwood Springs
Kimberly R. Willoughby, Denver *
Wm. Andrew Wills II, Colorado Springs *
Dee P. Wisor, Denver *
Cole A. Wist, Denver *
Maureen Reidy Witt, Denver *
John Wittemyer, Boulder *
James S. Witwer, Denver
Stow L. Witwer, Jr., Greeley * 
Elaine A. Wohlner, Denver
Julianne Woldridge, Colorado Springs *
Albert B. Wolf, Denver *
Daniel F. Wolf, Vail
Thomas J. Wolf, Denver
Constance Beck Wood, Denver *
David L. Wood, Fort Collins *
L. Thomas Woodford, Golden *
Brooke Wunnicke, Denver *  
E. Tuck Young, Pueblo *
Stephanie H. Yukawa, Colorado Springs *
John S. Zakhem, Denver
Brian D. Zall, Denver
Megan B. Zatz, Denver
Robert T. Zentner, Grand Junction
Victor M. Zerbi, Glenwood Springs *
Alison E. Zinn, Denver
Edward L. Zorn, Fort Morgan *
Richard I. Zuber, Denver
Josuha B. Zugish, Fort Collins
Kris A. Zumalt, Denver
Corey T. Zurbuch, Boulder
Eugene P. Zuspann, II, Denver *


* Fellows Emeriti