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JLS Legislative Session Conference Calls

Last Updated 2/11/15

Legislative Conference calls take place, UPON REQUEST*:

These calls provide an opportunity for JLS members to learn about pending bills and to weigh in on any potential JLS comments/position on pending bills.  


Dial 1-866-200-5786 or 303-218-2281 (Denver Metro Area). The computer voice will ask for a conference ID, which is 3038245311#.

 ***Reminder: Your telephone is like an open microphone and any noises that you make from your location are also transmitted to the people at the program by way of the conference system.  Along those lines, please note the following instructions to mute and unmute your line:

* 6 to Mute and Unmute

Q: Which issues should we bring to the Legislative Policy Committee?

A: The Legislative Policy Committee wants to be responsive to issues surrounding the following: (1) Accuracy and Precision in Drafting, (2) The Practice of Law, (3) The Wishes of Membership, (4) Access to Justice, (5) Independence of the Judiciary, (6) Jury Trials, and (7) Legislative Relations.

* If any member would like to have a phone conference on any bill in the matrix (or beyond), one can be arranged (contact Melanie at or Clancy at The call in information is stated above. In addition, please feel free to e-mail Clancy and Melanie with any questions, concerns, feedback, or input you have on any pending legislation or legislative issues.


Bills of Interest 2-11-15