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Getting Started with Video On-Demand Programs

After completing your purchase, to immediately begin viewing the program, go to the 'My Cobar' button next to the 'Log In' button at the top of the CBA-CLE homepage. Your online programs and materials will be stored for six months from date of purchase in your "My Files" folder,

To view the program at a later time, please logon to the COBAR website and access your "myfiles folder" by either

1. clicking on the "My Cobarbutton, and then clicking "View online courses purchased"; or

2. returning to this page and clicking here:


Written Materials

You are required to have the written materials while participating in the seminar. After you have purchased an online program, a page with instructions on how to use the seminar will display. On the Video On-Demand player page, you will see a link to download materials - simply click on the link to open a new window with the written materials, from which you can save them to your hard drive. Adobe Reader is required to access the written materials. If you do not have a recent copy of Adobe Reader, you can download it here.

You can print the written materials from within the Adobe Reader window while you are participating in the seminar, or if you save the written materials to your hard drive you can go back later and open them and print from Adobe Reader.


Can I stop listening to a seminar and return to it later?

Yes, you can stop listening to a program and return to it at any time for up to six months from the date of purchase. 
Click this link to access the online programs you have purchased: 

To Receive Credit for CLE Video On-Demand Programs:
Colorado lawyers are able to fulfill any and all of their Colorado CLE requirements via homestudy CLE. Please note that CLE online materials do not include a CLE affidavit. To receive CLE credit for any online course, a Homestudy Affidavit (a/k/a "Blank Affidavit") must be submitted to: Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education (Supreme Court CLE Board), 1560 Broadway Suite 1820, Denver, CO 80202. Every Colorado attorney was provided with a Homestudy Affidavit from the Supreme Court upon admission to the bar, or subsequently with an address change. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE HOMESTUDY AFFIDAVIT FROM THE SUPREME COURT or send the Supreme Court CLE Board a written request along with your name, attorney registration number and a check for $2.00.

Technical Support

For technical support, please call the support hotline at 800-590-6867 and, if necessary, leave a message; a technical support representative will call you back as soon as possible. If this number is busy, please try 954-323-5938


CBA-CLE Online Programs are intended to provide current and accurate information about the subject matter covered and are designed to help attorneys maintain their professional competence. Materials are distributed with the understanding that CBA-CLE does not render any legal, accounting, or other professional service. No representation or warranty is made concerning the application of the legal or other principles discussed by the authors/presenters to any specific fact situation, nor is any prediction made concerning how any particular judge or other official will interpret or apply such principles. The proper interpretation or application of the principles discussed is a matter for the considered judgment of the individual legal practitioner, and CBA-CLE disclaims all liability therefor. As with any legal textbook or other secondary authority, attorneys dealing with specific legal matters should also fully research current, primary authorities.