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Last Updated 2/18/14

ABA Resolutions (Juvenile Defense) - February 2014

  • Resolution and report (link) call for training juvenile defense attorneys, resources for juvenile appeals, the provision of timely juvenile appeals, and the collection of data on juvenile appeals to remedy institutional barriers to juvenile appellate practice. The report sites to statutes, case law, law review articles, and the National Juvenile Defense Standards in explaining the barriers that have prevented effective appellate advoacy.
  • Resolution (link) tackles the provision of trauma-informed care for youth. It urges "lawyers, law schools, and bar associations to adopt trauma-informed, evidence-based approaches and practices on behalf of justice-system-involved children and  youth who have been exposed to violence, including victims of child abuse and neglect or other crimes and those subject to delinquency or status offense proceedings."

Direct File


CJI - Parent Voices: The Other Side of the Bench


  • Alan R. Felthouse, "Commentary: Competence to Stand Trial in Juveniles and the Judgment Model." J. Am. Acad. Psychiatry Law, 39: 327-31 (2011). Full-text.

Juveniles & Sex Offenses

  • SOMB Juvenile Standards (formally go into effect 6-30-12)
  • 2009 ABA Juvenile Sex Offender Policy
  • Sex Offender Managment Board (SOMB) Meetings: SOMB subcommittee meetings are open to the public, as are the monthly SOMB meetings.  Many subcommittees have a juvenile focus. The Best Practices Committee involves many professionals interested in Juvenile Sex Offender issues. Public Meeting Notices can be found that:

Juvenile Detention & Commitment


Children with Disabilities

Introduction/Refresher to the Child Welfare Process

  • Guide to the Child Welfare Process. FREE 124-page publication by the Hon. William G. Jones on the child protection juvenile, criminal, and domestic relations court process. This is a "going-to-court" guide particularly helpful for non-attorneys.