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Discussion List Information


Welcome to the High Altitude Discussion List, the Internet home for Colorado real estate legal professionals. High Altitude is the forum for subscriber posts about Colorado real estate law. If you have a question, concern, observation or comment about Colorado dirt, this is the place for you!

High Altitude is a discussion list where subscribers receive all internet messages posted by other subscribers. These messages will focus on matters of concern to real estate legal professionals. Other High Altitude Discussion List subscribers are encouraged to respond or provide other interesting information about these periodic posts. If you are a High Altitude subscriber, you can expect messages every weekday on a variety of topics.[1]

Only members of the Real Estate Law Section may be High Altitude Discussion List subscribers. RES members can go here to subscribe to the discussion list, or unsubscribe here. If you are not a member of the CBA's Real Estate Law Section but wish to join, contact the CBA's Membership Department at or 303-860-1115. If you are a list member and need technical assistance with the list, you can contact High Altitude has a number of rules intended to protect the integrity of posts and encourage the free exchange of ideas and subscriber viewpoints on Colorado real estate law. Please review and observe these rules to maximize the benefits and enjoyment of High Altitude for all subscribers:[2]

  1. Tailor your message to the issue being addressed or up for discussion, since that will tend to produce the best and most prompt responses from your colleagues. Don’t disclose confidential or sensitive information; nothing is privileged.
  2. Please keep your messages as short and to the point as is consistent with conveying the substance of your thoughts. While direct posts to the discussion list are permitted, the High Altitude moderator reserves the right to edit messages for clarity, brevity and to eliminate redundant or inappropriate content. Profanity and obscenities are strictly prohibited. Following a warning, repeat violators will be permanently removed from the Discussion List by the moderator.
  3. Please sign your message with your full name and at least your e-mail address. Among other things, this gives your colleagues the opportunity to consult directly with you on questions or issues that may have come up in discussion.
  4. Subscribers who post messages on the discussion list understand that they are neither seeking nor giving legal advice. The discussion list provides a forum where participants can raise issues and receive timely and informal responses that reflect the reactions and experiences of others. No one should expect that any exchange will account for all relevant factors or reflect the kind of deliberation that underpins the giving of legal advice. No lawyer-client relationship is formed by posting of messages.
  5. Posting a subject line that reflects your message’s content affords your colleagues the ability to prioritize their reading. This is a significant consideration particularly when the list of subscribers is large and there is a high volume of transmissions.
  6. While undeniably useful, attachments can cause a number of unintended problems such as incompatible software, viruses and other bad things. Therefore, attachments to messages are not permitted at this time. If subscribers wish to share attachments, please arrange to do that outside of the High Altitude Discussion List through their personal electronic mailboxes.
  7. It is important to remember that all messages or replies are sent to the entire list, unless otherwise directed. Consequently, if you wish to transmit something of a more personal or private nature, please make sure that it is sent to the specific recipient intended. When at all possible, be sure to avoid replies that include prior correspondence, since this tends to slow down the discussion process. When you “reply” to a message, your message will be addressed to the e-mail address established for the High Altitude Discussion List, thus posting your response to all subscribers.
  8. With the nature of electronic mail lists being high-speed, high-volume interchanges among a large number of individuals, auto-replies can cause unnecessary posts to the entire list (and can also create additional work for the list moderator). If you create an “out of office” or similar automatic reply, please ensure that the subject line of your autoreply message contains one of the following phrases: “Out of Office” or “Auto Reply”. This will avoid unnecessary posts to the entire list.
  9. A short message using simple formatting is your best bet to ensure that all the intended recipients can view your transmission without any difficulty.
  10. Advertising and solicitations for business are strictly prohibited. If another subscriber posts a request for a referral and you wish to respond to it, please do that “offline,” i.e., by sending a new message directly to the other subscriber, not by replying to the posted message.
  11. To post a message to the High Altitude Discussion List send an email message to Please be sure to include your name and your e-mail address, at a minimum.

[1] High Altitude receives support from the Real Estate Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association and the University of Colorado Law School but is independent of either organization in terms of editorial content. Views expressed on High Altitude are solely those of their authors. Messages posted on High Altitude do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon in making legal decisions. Decisions concerning legal matters should be made only with the assistance of qualified independent legal counsel.

[2] Credit goes to the American Bar Association for providing many of the rules outlined.