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Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention Committee


  Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention Graphic


The Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention (CACP) is an alliance of multidisciplinary professionals in the state of Colorado addressing the Link between animal abuse and family violence.

Through CACP, a coalition of stakeholders exists that provides interdisciplinary leadership, methods, and tools in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of human and animal cruelty in Colorado. Members of CACP work within the Colorado community and nationally to develop tools for their respective professions that incorporate Link concepts. Members include lawyers, judges, animal welfare professionals, law enforcement, fire fighters, therapists, prosecutors, clergy, researchers, department of human service professionals, domestic violence/sexual assault service providers, and veterinarians.

NEXT MEETING AT CBA: Tuesday,September 18, 2012 at 12pm

Training and Tools
  • For prosecutors
  • For law enforcement, including investigation
  • For veterinarians, including Colorado law and forensic investigation
              • CACP Article 1
              • The role of Vets in Cruelty cases
  • For human service and treatment providers, both child and adult
  • General presentations
  • Needs Assessment 
  • CACP Logic Model
  • View all training and tools
References and Web Links

CACP Meeting Minutes and Newsletters



Upcoming CACP and Related Events (Mountain Time)
On Going - Online
On Demand
Hosted Online by the CDC
March 20, 2012
12:00p - 1:30p MT
Bi-Monthly CACP Meeting at CBA
Denver, CO
July 25 & 26
National LINK Summit at the Stapleton Double Tree
Denver, CO
Recent updates and projects
  • Researching food provisioning by Adult Protection Services for elder clients experiencing issues related to abuse and neglect (keywords Food Bank, Food Pantry, Pet Food)
Criminal Justice and Legal
  • Pets in Domestic Violence Protective Order Laws
Human Services, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
The Human Services, Domestic Violence, & Sexual Assault Subcommittee meets the second Tuesday of every month at 8:30am at the Colorado Bar Association offices.
  • Laws 1
  • University of Denver - GSSW Institute for Human-Animal Connection and Colorado LINK
  • Humane Education
Veterinary Issues
  • February 25, 2010 Review Meeting
  • September 2011
Committee Management
  • Fundraising Comparisons

At work since 2003, the Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention (CACP) is a multidisciplinary organization devoted to assisting professionals in understanding both the "light" and the "dark" side of the Link and their role in fostering healthy human-animal interaction.

Animals have long been a part of human life. Some species have been incorporated in to the family. Others are integral parts of adults' and childrens' lives through song, story, art, and even clothing decals. This bond with animals, especially pets, results in bonds that cannot only be nurturing but can also be exploited. Read more about the LINK between human and animal violence.

Vision: Humans and animals living together in a violence-free environment.

Mission: To establish a coalition of stakeholders that provides interdisciplinary leadership and methods in the prevention, intervention and treatment of human and animal cruelty in Colorado.

To find out more information contact Kathleen Schoen, kschoen [at]


1- Clearinghouse for data, resource, and materials.
2- Become self-supporting.
3- Enlist specialized partners.
4- Create public awareness about CACP, the LINK, solution, etc.)
5- Institutionalize LINK concepts and resources in all professions dealing with humans and/or animals.
6- Needs assessment.
7- Legal Advocacy.


Since 2003:
Advocates for Children/CASA
American Humane Association
Animal Assistance Foundation
Aurora Probation Department
Business Maven, LLC
Cogley Consulting Associates, Inc.
Colorado Bar Association
Colorado Department of Human Services
Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies
Colorado Veterinary Medicine Association
Denver DA’s Office
Denver District Court
Denver Fire Department
Denver Police Department
Dumb Friends League
First Judicial DA’s Office
Metropolitan State College

Representing professionals from these areas:

  • animal welfare, animal control
  • child and adult protective services
  • fire investigation
  • judges
  • law enforcement
  • physicians and mental health providers
  • probation officers
  • prosecutors
  • service and treatment providers
  • shelter providers (human and animal)
  • teachers and religious leaders
  • veterinarians
  • lawyers


Additional References

  • The Colorado Lawyer: Introducing CACP, April 2004
  • The Latham Letter, article on CACP, August 2004
  • Needs Assessment
  • CACP Logic Model