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Alternative Dispute Resolution Section



The ADR Section of the Colorado Bar Association provides a forum for educating the legal community, the judiciary and the general public on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) including mediation, settlement conference, arbitration, med-arb, and conflict resolution. The ADR process assists those in dispute to resolve conflict through the use of a neutral third party.  

The Section hosts speakers for CLE credits, participates in ADR events, and provides resources for both those needing ADR services and those providing these services such as mediators and arbitrators. To find the CBA list of mediators and arbitrators, click on the Find-A-Lawyer links below.  ADR Section meetings and CLE's are typically held on the first Monday of each month. 

The Section also works with CLE to offer a 40-hour mediation course for mediator training, and sponsors the annual ADR Conference, typically held each October. The activities of the Section are completed through the work of committees, which include Programs/Projects, Articles, Legislation and Website. The committees provide support to the legal community, businesses, government, courts, and the general public in the understanding and use of all types of ADR in manner which aids in the resolution of cases both prior to and during any court or administrative process, as well as assists with resolution of other general disputes.


The 2015/2016 CBA Section Co-Chairs: James Carr and C. Adam Foster
Vice-Chair/Secretary: Greg Deemer

CBA Staff Liaison: Amy Sreenen,

ADR Website Committee Chair: Marianne K. Lizza-Irwin,


Upcoming ADR-Related Events

  • ADR Section CLE on Diveristy/ADR with guest panel: May 3, 2016, noon at the Colorado Bar Association, 9th Floor.

  • ADR Section Business Meeting: June 3, 2016, noon at the Colorado Bar Association

  • Some of our upcoming topics for 2016 seminars will cover Marijuana Law and ADR, and Real Estate/HOA issues, Diversity, and Arbitraion.