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Guidelines for the Utilization of Paralegals

History of the Guidelines

The Guidelines for the Utilization of Paralegals were originally drafted by the Legal Assistant Committee of the Colorado Bar Association and formally approved by the Board of Governors in July 1986.  The first revision was approved in 1998. The Colorado Bar Association Paralegal Committee completed its second revision, update, and attorney review, and the proposed Guidelines were reviewed by the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel for the unauthorized practice of law.  The Guidelines were formally approved by the Colorado Bar Association Board of Governors at their meeting on May 17, 2008.   Click here to read the Preamble to the Guidelines.


The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide a general framework of potential tasks that can or should be performed by a paralegal in an effort to assist with work flow.  ALL OF THE DUTIES ARE ASSUMED TO, AND MUST BE, UNDER THE DIRECTION AND SUPERVISION OF A LICENSED ATTORNEY.  They are intended to be a useful educational tool for attorneys and paralegals, and to provide a guide for the efficient delivery of legal services.  They are also designed to be used by way of illustration and not by way of limitation, and do not cover all duties.  The fact that a duty is not presented here does not mean that a paralegal is prohibited from certain activities, but rather that the following duties have been selected by the CBA Paralegal Committee as most commonly practice by paralegals in Colorado.