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Article 10. Sections

10. Sections

10.1. Establishment. The Board of Governors shall establish Sections devoted to the improvement of the professional knowledge and skill of CBA members in particular fields of law.

10.2. Section Membership. There shall be no qualification for membership in any Section other than CBA membership, application for enrollment in such Section, and the payment of such Section dues and fees (including dues and fees payable by CBA members who may be exempt from payment of CBA dues) as may be established by the Section.

10.3. Bylaws; Officers; Committees. Each Section shall have the power to adopt its own bylaws not inconsistent with these Bylaws, but no such bylaws shall become effective unless and until approved by the Board of Governors. Each Section shall select a chair, vice chair, secretary, and such other officers as it deems appropriate. Each Section may establish such Section committees, task forces, and other bodies as it determines. References elsewhere in these Bylaws to "committees" shall not be deemed to refer to any such committee or other body.

10.4. Funding. Except to the extent of funds actually available to it from its own dues and fees, no Section shall incur any obligation in excess of the amount, if any, approved by the Board of Governors.

10.5. Board of Governors Review. The Board of Governors shall, from time to time, review each Section to determine whether it is necessary or appropriate to continue that Section. The Board of Governors may eliminate any Section.

10.6. List of Sections. A list of the Sections shall be maintained as Appendix D to these Bylaws.