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Article 9. Committees

9. Committees

9.1. Standing Committees. The Standing Committees shall be as listed in Appendix C. The Standing Committees shall have such duties as are specified in Appendix C, together with such other duties as the Board of Governors or the President may assign.

9.2. Special Committees. The President may establish such special committees as the President deems advisable. The President shall report the establishment of any such committee to the Executive Council and to the Board of Governors at their next meetings, respectively, following such establishment.

9.3. Appointments to Committees. The President shall appoint all members of all committees. The President shall endeavor to rotate committee appointments to give CBA members the opportunity to serve on committees while also retaining an appropriate continuity of committee membership. The President may, in appropriate cases, appoint persons who are not lawyers and persons who are not CBA members to committees.

9.4. Committee Officers, Rules, and Reports. The President shall designate the chair of each committee. Each committee may select from its members a vice-chair, a secretary, and such other officers as it deems appropriate. Each committee may adopt and amend rules for its procedures and operations. Each committee shall make a written annual report to the CBA, which report shall be delivered to the Executive Director at least 30 days before the end of the fiscal year.

9.5. No Representation on Board of Governors. Committees shall not be entitled to representation on the Board of Governors.

9.6. Board of Governors Review. The Board of Governors shall, from time to time, review each committee to determine whether it is necessary or appropriate to continue that committee. The Board of Governors may eliminate any committee.