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  Social Networking: An Ethical Minefield

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As licensed professionals, it is critical to be mindful of responsibilities in interactions with others, including those that occur electronically or via social media.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn—there are many options for social networking, and they present a great way to stay in touch with friends and family as well as provide avenues for business promotion in an inexpensive, current format. But there may be dangers in that use, especially for lawyers who may be unaware of the interaction between the use of social media and their responsibilities under the Rules of Professional Conduct.
One ethics credit applied for.
Amy C. DeVan is Assistant Regulation Counsel for the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel in Denver, Colorado. In this role she investigates allegations of lawyer misconduct pursuant to the Rules of Professional Conduct. Prior to joining the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel in 2010 Amy was employed in private practice for nine years with a boutique immigration law firm in the metro area. A graduate of the University Of Colorado School Of Law, Amy is also a member of the Colorado Bar Association and Denver Bar Association, serving on the Bar Association Ethics Committee, and she chairs the Committee's Education Subcommittee.