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Intellectual Properties Section
CBA Section/Committee Meeting

Date and Time
     March 4, 2014
     12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
     Denver ChopHouse
     1735 19th Street Suite 100
     Denver CO 80202
IP Sect Mem $35.00
IP Sect Mem Veggie $35.00
Non Sec Member $45.00
Non Sec Member $45.00
Law Students - Free
Member Gluten Free $35.00
NonMember Gluten Fre $45.00

IP Section Lunch: "Evolution of Reasonable Royalty Patent Damages"
Date and Time: Noon on Thursday, April 17, 2014
Location: Denver Chophouse
Speakers: William W. Cochran of Cochran Freund & Young LLC
The program will review various approaches to patent damages, based on reasonable royalties, including the analytical approach of TWM v. Dura and the excess profits approach that has been used in a number of cases. This program is a portion of an extensive course presented by PRG on damages. The program will make suggestions as to claim drafting to maximize reasonable royalty damage awards. 
The law of reasonable royalty patent damages is currently undergoing a large transformation in the courts. Patent practitioners, as well as patent litigators, need to understand these changes to properly draft claims and evaluate a litigation. This program will explore the historical basis for patent damages, especially the 1870 statute, which resulted in many problems in determining patent damages. These problems were corrected in the 1946 and 1952 statutes, but current cases such as Cornell v. HP, ResQNet v. Lansa, IP Innovations v. Red Hat, Unilock v. Microsoft, and Laser Dynamics v. Quanta Computer are reverting back to approaches used under the 1870 statute, which is creating these same problems again. The program will address these problems and provide approaches to avoid them for both practitioners and litigators.
Cost: $35 for IP Section Members, $45 for the general public, and CU/DU Law students are free. Includes a catered lunch. You can register for the lunch by going to: RSVP by calling (303) 860-1115 ext. 727 or by emailing before 5 PM on Monday, April 14, 2014.
1 general CLE credit applied for.
Cancellations after Monday, April 14th and no-shows will be billed for the cost of the program. Checks can be sent to the Colorado Bar Association, 1900 Grant St., Suite 900, Denver, CO 80203. Also, please call or e-mail your RSVP when sending a check. Checks should be made payable to the CBA. If leaving a message, please spell your name, specify that you are attending the Intellectual Property Section February Luncheon, leave your phone number, and specify if you would prefer a vegetarian lunch.