2015-2016 Application

A Patron of the CBA is defined as a non-lawyer who, or an organization that, provides ancillary goods or services to attorneys or the legal profession. Patrons include but are not limited to Mediators, Certified Public Accountants, Private Investigators, Court Reporters, Educators, Consultants, Vendors, Companies, and Corporate Associations. At the discretion of the sitting chairperson, a Patron may be appointed to serve on the respective section for the current membership year. Patrons do not have the right to vote or hold office. While the dues are set by the CBA Executive Council, Patron status is not a membership category, and Patrons may not refer to themselves as members of the CBA. The appropriate designation is "Patron of the Bar."

If your current position does not fall into any of the aforementioned categories, please contact the Membership Department at (303) 860-1115 or (800) 332-6736 for a different application. Information to serve on a section may also be obtained from the Membership Department.

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If joining after 1 October 2014, dues reduced by 25%
If joining after 1 January 2015, dues reduced by 50%
If joining after 1 April 2015 through May 15, 2015, dues reduced by 75%

Patron Dues $280.00

Remember, do not send a check at this time. You will
receive an invoice from our Membership Services Department.

You can also print the application and mail it to:

    Colorado Bar Association
    Membership Services Department
    1900 Grant St., 9th Floor
    Denver, CO 80203